American Idol: Not another one.

Fox has been pumping up their American Idol show again. I really hate this show. I hate everything about it from its annoying music to its obnoxious graphics to its awful, awful “judges”– and that doesn’t even touch the potential “idols.”

I read this article with a big grin on my face. Fox was scared that their ratings would slip.

Well, leave it to the masses to watch this garbage in record numbers.

Now we’re going to have to watch a whole bunch more of this show, for years and years. Thanks a lot, American Idol watchers.

With the current idol count at three, I don’t know how many more idols I need.

3 thoughts on “American Idol: Not another one.

  1. I think having too many idols diminishes the very definition of idol, doesn’t it? >:|

  2. American Idol makes me crazy.

    Thanks, btw, for the link. *blush* And Jaime, too! *more blushing*

  3. Guess it goes to show you that America has no musical taste whatsoever. At least you don’t have to watch the show, Mona loves her American Idol. I’m not even allowed to speak to her while she is watching.

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