More Guitar Talk (part II)

So I’ve just finished off an incredibly busy week. I haven’t had time to post here about it, but I did end up buying the amp I mentioned in my last “More Guitar Talk” post.

I called up the pawn shop that had the amp on Monday morning. “I was in there over the weekend and I saw an amp that was for sale, and I forgot the price, ” I said. I’m put on hold, and the woman on the phone returns with a jaw-dropping price. “It’s $200,” she says. I tell her I’m coming to play it, and head to the pawn shop.

I get there and ask to try it. I ask for any Strat-style guitar, and they hand me some off-brand strat copy. It wasn’t too bad. The action was nice and the strings felt fresh, but the pickups left a lot to be desired. Still, it was enough to run the amp through a test, and play it for a few minutes at volume. It sounded nice, even with their knock-off Strat. I bought it on the spot.

New Guitar Setup

I took the amp over to a friend’s house in the country last night so I could get it up to a real volume. I popped my blues backing track on, and turned the amp up to find the sweet spot. Let me tell you, it sounds nice.

One of the power tubes is on the way out on the clean channel, and it is basically unplayable at decent volumes. The tube has become microphonic, so the speaker rattles the tube, which amplifies the rattle, which rattles the speaker, which in turn rattles the tube, and so on. It does *not* sound good.

I’m looking at buying a set of JJs from Eurotubes. The ones I want are $56.50, so that’s not too bad.

I’ll post a sound sample later this evening, after I get back from grocery shopping. :P


One thought on “More Guitar Talk (part II)

  1. As promised, here is a sound sample.

    It’s not very good. The recording is crap (CD Jam track, Guitar Amp share a mic, running to my laptop, recorded with audacity as a single track).

    It’s taken from the middle of one of my practice sessions, so errors and expiramentation are noticeable. Believe me, I can play much better when I “turn it on.”

    Click to listen (MP3)

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