These ridiculous car magnets

Alright, I’ve been sick of these things for a while now. Just between me and you, I call them “idiot magnets.” Here we have a bunch of people who think they are supporting the cause listed on the magnet, but in reality they are supporting the enterprising individual who is exploiting their sympathy for his or her own personal profit. Sure, some of the proceeds from some of these magnets does in fact go to a good cause, but for some reason I don’t think the ones you find at local gas station are benefiting any cause. Maybe I should call them “Valentine’s Day” magnets (see below ;) ).

A few moments ago, Jaime sent me a link to AntiMagnet, a site that basically echoes my sentiment with the addition of some seemingly misplaced anti-China comments. This guy has a decent idea, but the delivery is all wrong. If you’re going to have a site opposed to magnets, you need to be selling magnets that directly make fun of the magnets you oppose. But come on– a $7.60 bumper sticker?

If you support a cause, just give to that cause directly. Otherwise, you’re just giving some of your money away.

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