Woohoo! Spring is here!

So, I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but I’ve got to tell you– the weather here has been beautiful for the past two days. I think spring has finally begun in Savannah!

Today, the temperature rose into the low 80s. Now that is perfect February weather, isn’t it? When I look at the forecasts for the next 7 – 14 days, I see low 60s or better daytime highs. And that’s about average.

This time of year, our normal low is 54 and our normal high is 66, so we’re starting to get in line here. By the end of March, we’ll be at 62 at night and 74 during the day.

As I listen to WLS-AM, I’m hearing temperatures in Chicago will be in the 20s overnight, and the thirties during the day tomorrow. Suckers!!

Well, I’m off to open some windows, and cook some dinner. :P

3 thoughts on “Woohoo! Spring is here!

  1. Today we noticed our first azalea bloom on our bushes in front of our house. A true sign that spring has sprung. The next month will see Savannah glowing with rows and rows of azaleas all over the city. A lovely place at a lovely time.

  2. Yep, the azaleas have started blooming!

    That means that in the next month or two, our passion vines on the side of our house will again start growing, and our gulf fritillaries will again emerge to devour the passion vines as quick as they grow.

    Gulf Fritillaries are butterflies, and so we get a great biology lesson every year right out our front door. These little caterpillars will demonstrate their insatiable appetite, and then hang themselves in cocoons from our pillars. When they emerge, they will be beautiful brown, orange, and white butterflies.

    I plan on taking a lot of pictures of them this year, and I’ll hopefully be able to catch one as it emerges from its cocoon.

    Of course, spring brings a lot more than just butterflies and flowers. It also brings growth to our lawn, which in turn requires me to mow it. I actually enjoy mowing the lawn. When I was a kid, I was always told to mow the lawn, and I hated it. Of course, we usually had the perfectly paired combination of a large lawn and a small lawn mower. Now, I’ve got a small lawn, and a small lawn mower. It takes 30 minutes to mow the lawn, which isn’t bad at all. Unless you decide to mow at 3:00 on a sunny 95 degree day with 95 percent humidity.

    This also means that the kudzu is coming back. I hate kudzu. It is this beautiful green vine that is very difficult to kill. It has very large green thorns. Last year, this vine grew straight up the side of our house and pried apart the aluminum flashing where our roof overhangs. It is very resourceful and very hardy.

    We’ll also be getting our spiders back. These things are huge! A couple of years ago, one had a web that stretched over 25 feet, and was about 15 feet off the ground at its lowest. At its highest, it was probably 30 feet off the ground, half way up a live oak tree. I think these spiders catch birds. :o

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