My Government Is Bigger Than Your Government

My Government Is Bigger Than Your Government. It’s not a title I really like, but it’s a title nonetheless. It makes the point that I will make, short and sweet.


  • This Article.
    China now has 46 million government bureaucrats, new statistics revealed yesterday, a number almost as great as the entire population of England.

  • These Statistics. 1,301,206,312 people in China.
  • These Statistics. 295,621,225 people in the US.
  • This Math. 1,301,206,312 divided by 295,621,225 equals 4.4. China’s population is 4.4 times bigger than the population of the US.
  • This Math. 41,000,000 (bureaucrats in China) divided by 4.4 (population factor between China and US) equals 9,318,182. If China were the size of the US, it would have 9,318,182 bureaucrats.
  • These Statistics. Government jobs in 2003: 16.6 % of the total non-agriculture workforce of 129,900,900 = 21,563,549 government jobs.
  • These Statistics. There are 1,416,275 people enlisted in our military.
  • This Math. 21,563,549 (# of government employees) minus 1,416,275 (enlisted military) equals 20,147,274 bureaucrats.
  • This Math. 20,147,274 (number of US bureaucrats) divided by 9,318,182 (adjusted Chinese bureaucrats) equals 2.16. As a percent, this means that the US has 116% more bureaucrats per capita when compared to China.

Conclusion: The US government, factored on a per capita basis, is well over 2 times as large as the Chinese government.

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