St. Patricks’ Day Yesterday, Buddy Guy Tonight

So yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. For those of you who don’t know, St. Patrick’s Day is a huge deal in Savannah.

Our little city of a couple hundred thousand doubles in size for a few days. Our riverfront is perpetually packed, our parade is massive, and the beer flows continuously.

We headed out to the parade yesterday for a couple of hours. The weather was pretty crummy– about 48 degrees. Compare this to last year when it was in the 70s, I believe, and you can see that it was a bit chilly. It looked like rain all day, but we were lucky enough to stay dry.

The parade was fairly uneventful. The weather really seemed to put a damper on everything. We basically hiked the parade in reverse, starting at the tail end of the starting point, and ending up at the end of the parade. Apparently we move faster than the marchers.

I did get to take a few pictures, and a couple of them actually turned out OK. Here is my favorite:

St. Patrick's Day

TONIGHT we’ll be heading out to the Trustees Theater to see Buddy Guy. I can’t wait!

I’ve seen him quite a few times– three or four times at Legend’s, once at the Rockford Waterfront Festival, once at the Rosemont Theater with BB King, and another time or two I can’t remember.

If you haven’t seen Buddy Guy before, you must see him. His is the best blues guitarist alive, and will blow you away.


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