Wanted: Royalty Free Music

If you are in a band and have produced an independent CD and would like some free exposure and promotion on a very busy website and a soon-to-be Streaming Broadcast, please send a copy of your CD to the following address:

America’s Debate
PO Box 10303
Savannah, GA 31412

Please note that if the Performance Right licensing of your music falls under BMI, ASCAP, or SoundExchange, or if there are ANY fees associated with Performance Right licensing of your music for use in a broadcast environment, we are NOT interested.

You or your band MUST own any music submitted free-and-clear, and you must have the authority to grant us Performance Rights to the supplied music.

By submitting your CD to us, you are granting us Performance Rights to use the material only within an Internet Broadcast (either live stream, archived stream, or podcast), or for casual, non-public performances (If I like your stuff, I want to be able to listen to it without being forced to broadcast it).

We will never distribute copies of your music without your expressed written authorization. We won’t rip it to MP3 and let people download it. We won’t make “mix” disks and sell them or give them away. We’re talking broadcast-only here, most likely as bumper music, and so we probably won’t ever play a song in its entirety, or at CD-quality.

What we WILL do is get your music exposed to a large group of individuals who otherwise would have never discovered your band. We’ll give credit where credit is due, and if you’ve got a website, we’ll list your website, too.

We will accept any form of music, but please keep the following in mind:

  • We like Blues. If you are a Blues band and you are halfway good, you’re in.
  • We also like Jazz (not the freeform stuff), Bluegrass, “jam bands,” classic rock (or music that sounds like classic rock), folk, and traditional classical music.
  • Sound-effect CDs are good.
  • We’re on a 70s kick, so if your music sounds like it was from the 70s, we want it.
  • Foreign-language music is good.
  • We won’t play any “cover songs,” so please mark any cover songs as such.
  • Particularly profane or sexual music will not make the cut. Please don’t send it. We already have enough coasters.
  • If your lead singer is a whiner, please don’t send us your CD. This will save you the cost of the CD, and us the cost of the disposal of your CD. Seriously.
  • Don’t bother sending us Rap or Hip-hop. We’re asking for music here. Please don’t flame me. Click Here for clarification.
  • There is no guarantee that we will play your music

If anyone has any questions at all regarding this, feel free to post a comment, send a letter, or try to mentally communicate your questions to me. I will do my best to answer them.

Additionally, we have a telephone number you may call. I am spelling it out because I do not want it to appear in search engines. Here goes… nine one two three four two two three four five.


Free concert!

It seems like Savannah is turning into a nice little starting point for musical tours these days.

A year ago today (I think), Jaime and I went to see a George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Forsyth Park. They had announced the free concert earlier in the day, and I had first heard about it at about 5:30PM. The concert started at 7!

It was a great show. George Clinton was on “the list of greats” that Jaime and I wanted to see in concert before they retired/died.

So, earlier in the week, Jaime told me that she had read about another upcoming free concert at Forsyth Park. I don’t know on which blog she found it so I can’t give credit, but it was definitely a local Savannah blog.

I heard this morning on the radio that the free concert is going on at Forsyth Park. Tonight, Jaime and I will be crossing James Brown off the list of greats!

I’ll post some pictures this evening!

The Blues

Here’s a little recording I made.

It’s an MP3 backing track that I found on the web, accompanied by me on guitar.

I’m playing an Ibanez GAX70 into a Peavey Delta Blues, mic’d with one of the CAD GXL-2400s and recorded with Audacity.

I did a bit of work in Audacity to remove a few stray notes, add some compression, equalize, reverb, etc…

Let me know what you think!


Cool Computers

No, not that kind of cool. I am talking about cool in terms of temperature here. :P

My computer is hot. Very hot. Can you blame it, though? I run the hell out of it, heavily exercising every little bit of hardware. And because it is hot, it is also loud. The fans, oh how they hum!

Here’s what I’ve got:

Pentium 4 – 2.8E (Prescott core, Hyper-Threading, 800Mhz FSB, 1MB L2 cache)
Motherboard: MSI PT880 NEO-LSR
RAM: Patriot 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC3200 Dual Channel DDR (2-3-2-5-T1)
HD: 2 x Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80GB 7200 RPM SATA150 (RAID0)
Video: Sapphire Radeon 9200 128MB
Sound: M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Optical: Toshiba SD-R5112 DVD-R/RW
TV Tuner: WinTV Go!
Fans: 4x80mm
Case: Raidmax ATX268WUP Blue Steel Gaming Tower
PSU: Raidmax KY-450ATX 350watt
Heatsink & Fan: Stock w/ Arctic Silver 5

Looking over the specs, it seems like a pretty good system, and it is. It does just about everything I need, and quickly at that. But I have definite concerns when it comes to the power supply, the case, and heatsink & fan.

Put simply, the power supply is weak. The label reads 24, 27, and 10 on the +3.3v, +5v, and +12v rails. So, the +3.3v and +5 rails are probably good enough. They are well within margins at idle and under load. But the +12v rail scares me. My CPU alone uses over 100 watts of +12v power, so that doesn’t leave much room to power my drives!

The lack of +12 power is causing problems, it seems. My computer case is hot to the touch by the power supply. What I suspect is happening is that the computer is using more power than the +12v rail is supposed to put out, and that is in turn causing excessive heat and poor efficiency. All I know for sure is that the CoolerMaster 80mm fan I put in the power supply is spinning as fast as it can, and it is vibrating my brain.

Here is the power supply I’m considering: Link. It’s from a relatively unknown brand, but it has great numbers: +3.3v = 28A, +5v = 26A, +12v1 = 17A, +12v2 = 17A.

It’s got more than enough power, and, as long as it is within the allowances, it should serve me just fine. I may just have to cross my fingers and order it.

The next problem is the case in general. It has mounts for four fans at the front-bottom of the case, but there are no intake holes! That makes no sense now, does it? Well, it is right where my hard drives sit, so I’ve got two 80mm fans setup to blow on them. Next, the side fans. There are two 80mm fans mounted on the side of the case. I’ve got the one that is by the hard drives blowing hot air out, and the one near the back of the case blowing in.

But that just doesn’t cut it. The only exhaust fan at the back of the case is the one in the overheated power supply, the one vibrating my brain. There is a mount for another fan, but it’s a 60mm mount. Who is going to use a screeching 60mm fan!? Not me.

This case is a wreck for a high-heat system.

The replacement for my case has already been chosen. Check it out here: Link. It is priced at $28, and I have a $5 off coupon.

That’s right– it’s a decent quality, all aluminum, removable motherboard, toolless chassis case for under $25. I would expect that simply replacing my current case with this case would substantially reduce the heat contained within my system (but not the heat produced by the system).

The last point of concern is the heatsink & fan. The stock Intel HSF is crap! My fan usually hums along at about 5,100 RPM, and it makes my computer sound like a vacuum. Small fans and high RPMs drive me nuts, and so I need a replacement.

I am on a big-fan-means-less-noise kick, so I am looking at getting one of these: Link This thing is huge– over 12 cm wide– but it also operates at incredibly low volumes, and with absolutely no vibration. I won’t be getting it from NewEgg, though– Froogle is full of places that beat NewEgg by $10 or more.

All in all, this should hopefully reduce the noise of my system to just about nothing. It’s going to be great!

Savannah Storm Sounds

So I have got a bunch of new audio equipment, and I have been looking for a good subject on which to test it. This afternoon, we had one hell of a thunderstorm, so I decided to record a bit of it.

The audio sample you will here was recorded in full stereo. I used two CAD GXL-2400 mics with pop filters because of the wind. One was setup in an east facing window (left channel) and one in a south facing window (right channel).

The mics feed into an Alesis Multimix 12FXD. The mixer then feeds the audio via an S/PDIF (digital) output to a digital input on my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card.

The sample was recorded with Audacity.

This is a totally clean signal– no reverb, no effects, no compression– nothing. Just the mics to the board to the PC, then converted to MP3.

You may notice a few digital artifacts in the sound. I have got to figure out how to eliminate this. ;)



Awww Kitties.

So a few months back, Jaime and I noticed a little kitten on our porch.

Using our keen sense of judgment, we determined this kitten was a male, and starting feeding him. As time passed, we found that we needed a name for this cat, so we called him “little dude.”

Over the course of a few months, we fed little dude just about all he could eat. He would come up onto our porch and patiently wait for food. I would sit down with a bowl of food, and toss him individual pieces of food in an attempt to lure him closer.

As time passed, little dude became more and more comfortable with me, and started eating food out of my hand. Sure, he would occasionally miss the mark and lay a strong bite into my hand, but all in all, he was starting to loosen up to me.

Eventually, he would sit and eat food out of the bowl as I scratched his head with my finger. We made major progress.

Then, one day, Jaime and I took a closer look at little dude. He had grown more comfortable with us, and now proudly swooshed his tail about.

Interlude: Gross. My cat Jerry just trapped some sort of flying bug with his paw, and ate it. It was a big bug, and looked like a moth or a big mosquito. He chomped it right down while trying to get a look out of the second floor window.

Back to it: So, little dude started leaving her tail in the air, displaying her newfound confidence in us.

At some point, and I’m not sure if it was Jaime or me who originally noticed, but at some point, one of us said something like, “Does it look like little dude is pregnant?”

We weren’t 100% sure, but our suspicions were confirmed one day as I looked out the window. After seeing what I saw, I immediately called Jaim at work. “Jaim,” I said, “I just learned something very important about little dude. Either he is a she, or the black male neighborhood cat is gay!” We were pretty sure we knew the answer.

And of course, you know it– little dude quickly became “little girl” when her belly started hanging low.

So a few weeks back, it has got to be six or seven weeks ago, we noticed that little dude (I still call her little dude) disappeared. When she returned, the belly was nearly gone. We knew she had her kittens.

In the time that passed, and in chatting with our other cat-friendly neighbor Ron, we started wondering if little dude’s kittens made it, or if they were dead under my house.

As a matter of fact, Ron and I discussed it last night as I took Stella Blue out onto the porch for a few moments.

Ron thought the kittens must not have made it, since we would have seen them running around by now. I told him I tended to agree, but also said that they were probably hiding under my house, where I suspected little dude gave birth.

Well, on my way to drop Jaime at work this morning, she breaks the news:

“I saw little dude’s kittens! Well, Jerry actually saw them first. He jumped in the window, and I looked out and saw three little kittens. They’re mostly black with white paws, and look like they’re six to seven weeks old. They were scared off when Sugaree jumped in the window and hissed.”

When I got back home, I went out by the opening where I suspected the kittens would be hanging out. It’s right next to our furnace/air conditioner.

There are five of them total, 4 black/white and one brown/white speckled. They all appear to be in good health, even the most scared one that I was unable to photograph.

And without further delay:

Aww Kittens

Aww Kittens

Under the Radar

Here’s an interesting little article that seems to have flown under the radar. I originally found it at Clandestine Radio.

U.S. leaflets new tactic in propaganda war against Castro

When Minerva Alvarez gazed out of her window as dawn broke two weeks ago, she spotted something colorful lying on the bare concrete patio in her front yard.

Stepping out of her low-slung house, Alvarez walked a few steps, leaned over and picked up two small pamphlets. She recoiled when she saw a photograph of President Bush on one of them.

“I took it straight to my husband,” she said. “I didn’t want to read it.”

What Alvarez and scores of residents of her impoverished Havana neighborhood found at their doorstep was a pocket-size reprint of Bush’s Jan. 20 inaugural address in which he vowed to free the world of tyranny.

The speech and a second pamphlet containing the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights arrived anonymously in the dead of night and are part of an escalating U.S. government program to spur political change in this one-party state.

For decades, the U.S. government’s attempt to penetrate Cuba with information has had limited success. Cuban authorities routinely jam Radio and TV Marti, the anti-Castro broadcasts produced in Miami, and Internet access on the island is limited.

The clandestine, door-to-door leafleting is the latest in the Bush administration’s stepped up effort to reach citizens who have little access to public information outside Cuba’s government-controlled media.

Wow. Now that was news to me.

We’re littering Cuba with anti-Castro pamphlets?

I wonder, exactly what federal agency is responsible for the distribution of these pamphlets? Surely it is not the United States Post Office.

What if we were to turn the tables? Would our government appreciate people going around passing out pamphlets with Kim Jong Il on the front?

Is it terrorism when the government of one nation distributes contraband to the citizens of another nation?

Does anyone ever read pamphlets anyway?

Lots of questions… not a lot of answers. :)