Savannah Storm Sounds

So I have got a bunch of new audio equipment, and I have been looking for a good subject on which to test it. This afternoon, we had one hell of a thunderstorm, so I decided to record a bit of it.

The audio sample you will here was recorded in full stereo. I used two CAD GXL-2400 mics with pop filters because of the wind. One was setup in an east facing window (left channel) and one in a south facing window (right channel).

The mics feed into an Alesis Multimix 12FXD. The mixer then feeds the audio via an S/PDIF (digital) output to a digital input on my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card.

The sample was recorded with Audacity.

This is a totally clean signal– no reverb, no effects, no compression– nothing. Just the mics to the board to the PC, then converted to MP3.

You may notice a few digital artifacts in the sound. I have got to figure out how to eliminate this. ;)


5 thoughts on “Savannah Storm Sounds

  1. Thanks, Cyan!

    I figured out what caused those pesky pops that you hear. Well, actually, Jaime figured it out. While I was recording, the power was flickering on and off in the house. For my PC, that is no big deal– I have an uninterruptible power supply with automatic voltage regulation and lightning protection. But the mixing board– it was just plugged into the wall. Stupid me!

    So, the pops you here are caused by the power to the mixer (and the microphones) cutting on and off. Looks like I need yet another battery backup.

    I played it for Titus, and he liked it so much that he asked me to burn it to CD! :P

    We’re coming up on a rainy season, so I will hopefully be able to get bigger, better, and longer storms.

    I have considered taking the mics out on the porch at about three or four in the morning, as well. We get some very interesting sounding bugs, frogs, and toads. We get big super-freighters sounding their horn as they make their way up the Savannah River, less than a mile away. And we have a mockingbird that lives in our yard. This bird is so cool. It imitates every other bird in the neighborhood, and chirps up a storm at about four in the morning!

  2. Thanks for the nap music. Of course it scares the shit out of my kids but it puts me to sleep until they scream.

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