Free concert!

It seems like Savannah is turning into a nice little starting point for musical tours these days.

A year ago today (I think), Jaime and I went to see a George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Forsyth Park. They had announced the free concert earlier in the day, and I had first heard about it at about 5:30PM. The concert started at 7!

It was a great show. George Clinton was on “the list of greats” that Jaime and I wanted to see in concert before they retired/died.

So, earlier in the week, Jaime told me that she had read about another upcoming free concert at Forsyth Park. I don’t know on which blog she found it so I can’t give credit, but it was definitely a local Savannah blog.

I heard this morning on the radio that the free concert is going on at Forsyth Park. Tonight, Jaime and I will be crossing James Brown off the list of greats!

I’ll post some pictures this evening!

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