Wanted: Royalty Free Music

If you are in a band and have produced an independent CD and would like some free exposure and promotion on a very busy website and a soon-to-be Streaming Broadcast, please send a copy of your CD to the following address:

America’s Debate
PO Box 10303
Savannah, GA 31412

Please note that if the Performance Right licensing of your music falls under BMI, ASCAP, or SoundExchange, or if there are ANY fees associated with Performance Right licensing of your music for use in a broadcast environment, we are NOT interested.

You or your band MUST own any music submitted free-and-clear, and you must have the authority to grant us Performance Rights to the supplied music.

By submitting your CD to us, you are granting us Performance Rights to use the material only within an Internet Broadcast (either live stream, archived stream, or podcast), or for casual, non-public performances (If I like your stuff, I want to be able to listen to it without being forced to broadcast it).

We will never distribute copies of your music without your expressed written authorization. We won’t rip it to MP3 and let people download it. We won’t make “mix” disks and sell them or give them away. We’re talking broadcast-only here, most likely as bumper music, and so we probably won’t ever play a song in its entirety, or at CD-quality.

What we WILL do is get your music exposed to a large group of individuals who otherwise would have never discovered your band. We’ll give credit where credit is due, and if you’ve got a website, we’ll list your website, too.

We will accept any form of music, but please keep the following in mind:

  • We like Blues. If you are a Blues band and you are halfway good, you’re in.
  • We also like Jazz (not the freeform stuff), Bluegrass, “jam bands,” classic rock (or music that sounds like classic rock), folk, and traditional classical music.
  • Sound-effect CDs are good.
  • We’re on a 70s kick, so if your music sounds like it was from the 70s, we want it.
  • Foreign-language music is good.
  • We won’t play any “cover songs,” so please mark any cover songs as such.
  • Particularly profane or sexual music will not make the cut. Please don’t send it. We already have enough coasters.
  • If your lead singer is a whiner, please don’t send us your CD. This will save you the cost of the CD, and us the cost of the disposal of your CD. Seriously.
  • Don’t bother sending us Rap or Hip-hop. We’re asking for music here. Please don’t flame me. Click Here for clarification.
  • There is no guarantee that we will play your music

If anyone has any questions at all regarding this, feel free to post a comment, send a letter, or try to mentally communicate your questions to me. I will do my best to answer them.

Additionally, we have a telephone number you may call. I am spelling it out because I do not want it to appear in search engines. Here goes… nine one two three four two two three four five.


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