National Night Out

Can we just call it what it is: Safety in numbers for a night.

What a load of crap the “National Night Out” is! What good does it do to allow people to go out one night a year when they sure as hell wouldn’t go out the rest of the year? Sure, you may be able to stroll through Forsyth Park at 11PM for one night, but you know damn well that the rest of the year you would be walking at break-neck speed with whatever shank or stick or key or rock or whatever weapon you were able to fashion, ready to defend yourself against the less than desirable folks you see in the park after dark.

The National Night Out occurs when citizens band together in numbers great enough to divert the criminal element of their community for 0.27% of the year. On leap years, it is even less effective!

We just had a rash of shootings and murders here in Savannah. If I recall correctly, we had 9 shootings in as many days, with four or five being fatal. My numbers may be a bit off, but when you hear about so many shootings in such a small city, you lose track.

I wonder how many thugs are at home sulking right now because they have to postpone their planned August 2nd murder to August 3rd, else they won’t be able to attend the National Night Out.

Oh yeah, and, word to the wise: When you go out for the National Night Out, lock your doors. You are more likely to get robbed when you are not at home. ;)

2 thoughts on “National Night Out

  1. HAHAHA– National Night Out and it’s freaking raining!


  2. Oh, and I forgot to add that on the National Night Out, we had at least one murder in Savannah.

    Good job, morons. You accomplished nothing.

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