Rebate Center Update #6– Introducing

Well, four months and no updates on my rebate center. I’m sure most of you have no idea what I am talking about. Well, here you go. Have a read of these:

So, here we are, four months later. Here is the news:

– I have registered a domain. had not yet been taken for some reason. I snatched it up.

– I have given up on MyTopix. It is a good script with a lot of potential, but the development process is simply not moving. It is stuck in Beta with no future release in sight. I’m done waiting.

– I have decided to go with Invision Power Board. I am very familiar with it from AD, and so I will be comfortable in extending it. The module I wrote for MyTopix should be easily ported to IPB, and so my prior work will not have been a waste of time. IPB is seemingly always in heavy development, with Betas out now, Pre-releases in a few weeks, and a new final version in a few months.

– I need hosting. I don’t have money for hosting. This could be a problem.

– I need an IPB license. That is either $70 or $185. This could also be a problem.

– I have made a mock-up of a design that I am about 50% satisfied with. See it here:

So, with that being said, all I can do now is wait. I want to build this using the newest version of IPB, and I’m not going to code it for a Beta now just to recode it for a final version in a few weeks/months. I will post another update when I pickup working on the project again.

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