More AP Idiocy

As many of you know, I dislike the AP. I think they hire lazy journalists who lack common sense and minimal observation skills.

Another case in point, this article:

Here is an actual quote from the article that is not attributed to anyone, and therefore is the author’s– Daisy Nguyen– own words:

The pilot finally brought the plane down, back wheels first.

Ok, Daisy. Have you never watched a plane land before?

All planes– from Piper Warriors and Cessna 152s all the way up to 777s and even the space shuttle– land with their back wheels down first.

Otherwise, you are trying to land a JET on a UNICYCLE.


Hurricane Rita

I’m going to post the same thing here that I posted at Doc’s Blog:

A note to the folks who cannot provide their own transportation out of town: If your government is not doing it, you need to grab your stuff and start walking.

3 MPH X 24 Hours = 72 miles. That is 72 miles of land between you and landfall of a major, major hurricane.

Suck it up and preserve your own life, as you will likely not get much sympathy from the other 290 million of us if you stay.


Google Blogsearch

From the “saw it coming from a mile away” department, Google has released their blog search.

Now, if they can only find a way to exclude blogs from the regular Google search, find a way to remove editorial as headlines on, and find a way to remove Ebay listings from Froogle, I would be a happy camper!


Computer Parts from

I have placed my second order with, and figured I would share their link with the technologically inclined readers of my Blog.

The Internet is full of mixed reviews of SVC. Some people say they are very slow, others say they are very fast. I’ve ordered twice from them, and have had nothing but positive experiences.

Their prices are rock bottom. Really, they are. Last time I bought a CPU HSF for $25 that NewEgg listed at $50! Shipping is reasonable, too.

They also have a great selection, and a huge clearance section.

Here is my most recent order:

Name                       Code                Qty   Each  Options
Sunbeam RHK-SA 5.25"       RHK-SA                2   9.99
Silver 4 Channel Rheobus
Silver Case Thumbscrews    TSCREW-SIL           20   0.17
PC Toys Quiet MAXX 5100    PCT-CPU5100           1  12.99
CPU Cooler for Socket
423, 462, 478
Cooler Master 80x25mm      TLF-R82-ER-19         4   1.29
TLF-R82-ER 80mm Neon Quad
LED Case Fan - Red
UV Sensitive Braided       RC24HD2-UVS           1   2.70
Silver 24" Dual Device
ATA 133/100 Round IDE
                                          Subtotal  44.33
                                          Shipping   8.31
                                               Tax   0.00
                                             Total  52.64

That’s right– about $50 for a round IDE cable, four nice Coolermaster fans ($6-10 at other sites), two fan controllers ($20+ at other sites), and a nice Zalman CPU Copper heatsink that comes with a FanMate 1 controller and a quiet fan ($20+ at other sites).

Man, what a steal of a deal!

Check out– you’ll like their prices.


Not again! Office Depot is a terrible company.

I needed a hard drive and I had my Office Depot $100 gift card for complaining that the monitors they sold me as “in stock” were actually out of stock. I decided to use it on a hard drive for a computer I’m building as the encoder for AD Radio.

So, I found a drive — a Maxtor 160gb for $110. Not the best price, but hey, it worked out to $16 after gift card/tax.

I placed the order on Friday, along with my free boombox from a promotion the were running. I received the boombox on Monday, but no hard drive.

I check the online status, and it turns out it wasn’t shipped. Why? Who knows.

I call Office Depot. I speak with a lady who says that the item was backordered (I was NOT told this). She said the hard drive order had been cancelled. She was willing to take my order again.

The problem? I ordered Friday. It came with free 3 day shipping. The third day is tomorrow.

Now, I just want my hard drive, but I’m not waiting until next week to get it. So, after being transferred to a supervisor (Matt was his name), I was told that my drive would be delivered on Thursday.

It was a good thing I kept the number to my gift card– I through the card out once the order had been placed.

Let me just take a moment to remind you:

Office Depot cancelled my order several months ago because the item was not in stock, without so much as a notification email. To make up for their incompetence, they gave me a $100 gift card.

Office Depot cancelled the order on which I used the $100 gift card that was to make up for their incompetence without so much as a notification email. If I didn’t catch it, the order would not have been replaced.

Lesson learned (not for me, I learned it a long time ago): Office Depot is a terrible company.


Why I Dislike Sean Hannity

Well, this post has been a long time coming. I just haven’t had enough time to get it down.

I dislike Sean Hannity. Let me first give Mr. Hannity some credit before I proceed to tell everyone why I dislike him.

If it weren’t for Sean Hannity, there would be no America’s Debate. See, Jaime and I used to like watching his show. We can’t really be blamed for that. There was a point where Hannity & Colmes was unique. Every show on cable news has not always had outspoken hosts who will belittle their guests into submission.

So, as “fans” of Hannity & Colmes, we checked out in our search for civil and constructive political debate. Man oh man, were we amazed at what we saw. Hannity– a man who claims to uphold values and morals both personally and politically– had a site that was full of profanity and full of racism. Remember, this was right after September 11, 2001– the Muslims were out to get us (sarcasm, don’t complain to me).

The very fact that Hannity allowed this crap on his website, and the very fact that his employers in both his television and radio show were fine with the content of his site was disgusting! Thank you Mr. Hannity for being as low as they go, allowing us to shine and grow as well as we have!

But that is not my contention with Mr. Hannity today. My problem with him today is that his skills of being “minimally observant” (as I like to call it) are gone.

Mr. Hannity always refers to the “mainstream media.” “Combating liberal bias in the mainstream media,” he likes to preach to his minions.

Mr. Hannity– YOU are the mainstream media. A good portion of the mainstream media bias is YOUR bias.

Mr. Hannity’s Bio:

Sean Hannity is a multi-media superstar, spending four hours every day
broadcasting in front of millions of American people on radio, television and the

He is the host of the The Sean Hannity Show, which is approaching 500 affiliates on
the ABC Radio Networks. He also co-hosts the highly successful Hannity & Colmes
on the FOX News Channel.

Moreover, Hannity’s website,, is among the most visited political
websites on the Internet with more than 20 million page views and 350,000 unique
visitors each month. Audio streams of The Sean Hannity Show average more than
190,000 unique listeners per month, making it among the most listened to Internet
broadcasts in the past year, according to Arbitron.

He is a three-time consecutive winner of Radio & Records National
Talk Show Host of The Year Award (2003, 2004 and 2005) as well as the National
Association of Broadcasting’s 2003 Marconi Award for Talk Show Host of the Year,
and the Talkers Magazine 2003 Freedom of Speech Award.

In addition to his “on-air” duties, Hannity is the best selling author, most recently, of
Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism (Harper Collins/
Regan Books, 2004) which shot to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list during
it’s first week and remained in first place for five straight weeks. Hannity’s critically
acclaimed first book, Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism
(Harper Collins/Regan Books, 2002) rode the New York Times bestseller list for
remarkable 17 weeks.

Let’s see.

500 affiliates for the radio show (he once claimed it was the “fastest growing show in radio,” and that is one instance where I am inclined to believe him).

#1 show in the timeslot on the #1 most watched cable news network.

#1 books on the best sellers list.

Mr. Hannity– how can you possibly consider yourself as anything but a part of the mainstream media? And if you are part of the mainstream media, what are you doing to combat your and the rest of the liberal republicans’ bias?

Wanted: Your Old / Used Computer

Forget it! I bought enough parts to build a PC for next to nothing. See the comments for details. :)

If anyone out there has an old PC that is sitting around gathering dust, please let me know.

We need an extra PC for AD Radio because– believe it or not– it will greatly simplify our setup. Right now, I have three sound cards in my PC, and it is quite difficult to juggle all the settings that are necessary to manage AD Radio. With an extra PC, I can offload the audio encoding and one of the Skype telephone lines to the extra PC. I can run it through Remote Desktop, so a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc is not necessary.

The computer should be around 1ghz or better to handle audio encoding. Hard drive space doesn’t matter since I really only need an OS and a couple of applications to run on it. Memory doesn’t really matter as I can purchase whtever RAM I need to bump it up to around 512mb or so. It would be nice if it had DDR, though–regular SDRAM has gotten expensive, it seems!

I can pay for the computer if necessary, but not a whole heck of a lot. If you’re an AD member who has one, I can also make you a Sponsor. :)


Woot Photoshop Submission

Most of you will have no idea what I am talking about here, but for those of you who go to (Wertz), you will understand.

The theme was to take the Soyo (bleh) 9-in-1 card reader and make it do lots more than it was meant to do.

I decided to make fun of everyone at, from the losers who get off posting on the first page of a topic, to the awful photoshop entries that usually seem to win, to the whining and complaining customers who only want Woot to sell Bags of Crap (BOC), to the employees of Woot who continually choose to sell crappy HP computer systems.

Here it is. Enjoy.

Woot Cliche Generator