Woot Photoshop Submission

Most of you will have no idea what I am talking about here, but for those of you who go to Woot.com (Wertz), you will understand.

The theme was to take the Soyo (bleh) 9-in-1 card reader and make it do lots more than it was meant to do.

I decided to make fun of everyone at Woot.com, from the losers who get off posting on the first page of a topic, to the awful photoshop entries that usually seem to win, to the whining and complaining customers who only want Woot to sell Bags of Crap (BOC), to the employees of Woot who continually choose to sell crappy HP computer systems.

Here it is. Enjoy.

Woot Cliche Generator

9 thoughts on “Woot Photoshop Submission

  1. I’m sure I don’t visit the site enough to fully appreciate that but otherwise it is pretty damn funny!

  2. Raven!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    If I win this contest, I’ll get $100. Second place is worth $50, and third is worth $20.

    We’ll see if the people who run Woot.com have a problem with people making fun of their entire community in one entry! :P

    BOC is “Bag of Crap. Here is what was in mine:

    Crap crap crap


  3. Hahahahaha!

    That very well could be the funniest comment posted on my blog yet! :P

  4. Haha! Nice! Can we vote for you or is it decided upon by the community?

  5. Wow… I wasn’t notified that you replied to this, Raven. You shouldn’t be Modqueued here after you post once… :hmmm:

    The fine folks at Woot make the decision, and I imagine that it is the employees who make the final call.

    Unfortunately, I did not place in the top three. I did, however, receive honorable mention, which is good enough for me.

    My next photoshop will have to be better….


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