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I have placed my second order with, and figured I would share their link with the technologically inclined readers of my Blog.

The Internet is full of mixed reviews of SVC. Some people say they are very slow, others say they are very fast. I’ve ordered twice from them, and have had nothing but positive experiences.

Their prices are rock bottom. Really, they are. Last time I bought a CPU HSF for $25 that NewEgg listed at $50! Shipping is reasonable, too.

They also have a great selection, and a huge clearance section.

Here is my most recent order:

Name                       Code                Qty   Each  Options
Sunbeam RHK-SA 5.25"       RHK-SA                2   9.99
Silver 4 Channel Rheobus
Silver Case Thumbscrews    TSCREW-SIL           20   0.17
PC Toys Quiet MAXX 5100    PCT-CPU5100           1  12.99
CPU Cooler for Socket
423, 462, 478
Cooler Master 80x25mm      TLF-R82-ER-19         4   1.29
TLF-R82-ER 80mm Neon Quad
LED Case Fan - Red
UV Sensitive Braided       RC24HD2-UVS           1   2.70
Silver 24" Dual Device
ATA 133/100 Round IDE
                                          Subtotal  44.33
                                          Shipping   8.31
                                               Tax   0.00
                                             Total  52.64

That’s right– about $50 for a round IDE cable, four nice Coolermaster fans ($6-10 at other sites), two fan controllers ($20+ at other sites), and a nice Zalman CPU Copper heatsink that comes with a FanMate 1 controller and a quiet fan ($20+ at other sites).

Man, what a steal of a deal!

Check out– you’ll like their prices.


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