Not again! Office Depot is a terrible company.

I needed a hard drive and I had my Office Depot $100 gift card for complaining that the monitors they sold me as “in stock” were actually out of stock. I decided to use it on a hard drive for a computer I’m building as the encoder for AD Radio.

So, I found a drive — a Maxtor 160gb for $110. Not the best price, but hey, it worked out to $16 after gift card/tax.

I placed the order on Friday, along with my free boombox from a promotion the were running. I received the boombox on Monday, but no hard drive.

I check the online status, and it turns out it wasn’t shipped. Why? Who knows.

I call Office Depot. I speak with a lady who says that the item was backordered (I was NOT told this). She said the hard drive order had been cancelled. She was willing to take my order again.

The problem? I ordered Friday. It came with free 3 day shipping. The third day is tomorrow.

Now, I just want my hard drive, but I’m not waiting until next week to get it. So, after being transferred to a supervisor (Matt was his name), I was told that my drive would be delivered on Thursday.

It was a good thing I kept the number to my gift card– I through the card out once the order had been placed.

Let me just take a moment to remind you:

Office Depot cancelled my order several months ago because the item was not in stock, without so much as a notification email. To make up for their incompetence, they gave me a $100 gift card.

Office Depot cancelled the order on which I used the $100 gift card that was to make up for their incompetence without so much as a notification email. If I didn’t catch it, the order would not have been replaced.

Lesson learned (not for me, I learned it a long time ago): Office Depot is a terrible company.


4 thoughts on “Not again! Office Depot is a terrible company.

  1. Let me go further.

    The moron supervisor, “Matt,” failed to add my gift card even though I read it to him. My bank account was charged $116 and change when it was supposed to be $16.

    These people have to be the biggest idiots on the planet!

    So, I call for help and get some lady who is unable to give me a number to contact her back. I’m just sick of having to call and explain my situation. Office Depot is INCOMPETENT.

    I am contacting the Executive Customer Relations, and expect that they will correct the situation.

    “Taking care of business.” Yeah, right.

  2. Alright, so, I called executive customer relations and left a few messages. It turns out that they limit your talk time to about 20 seconds, but don’t tell you that. So, you have to talk really fast, and can’t really tell them much about your problem so they can research it before they call you.

    I was about to give up for the day, but decided to call one more time.

    This time, I spoke with a nice lady named Iris. She cancelled my order, and placed a new one using my gift card. She confirmed that the charges would only be $16.59, and then ran the order. My bank took out $16.59, and so it looks like I am all set.

    It should arrive Friday.

    Let’s see how it goes…!

  3. Yea lets see how it goes. You are so persistant Mr. Mike. I probley would have just let it go the first time…

  4. Wow! That was really nice of them to give you a whole 100 dollars for your inconvenience. Uusally they just tell you to fuck off…

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