Hurricane Rita

I’m going to post the same thing here that I posted at Doc’s Blog:

A note to the folks who cannot provide their own transportation out of town: If your government is not doing it, you need to grab your stuff and start walking.

3 MPH X 24 Hours = 72 miles. That is 72 miles of land between you and landfall of a major, major hurricane.

Suck it up and preserve your own life, as you will likely not get much sympathy from the other 290 million of us if you stay.


4 thoughts on “Hurricane Rita

  1. No Titus, I would choose to die because the government was unable to help me.

    What kind of a question is that?

  2. I have decided that I no longer want to get up in the morning and go to work. It’s not that I am lazy, I just do not feel inclined to work a set schedule for money. I do not envision this ever changing because I believe I was born with this inclination and I am a victim of circumstance beyond my control (i.e. born with an inclination not to work a set schedule). Since I will need food, it is the government’s responsibility to feed me because of said circumstances. Why not, since the government allowed huge corporations tax breaks while they exploited workers such as myself. Henceforth the government owes me because I am entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. /sarcasm

  3. That number isn’t very realistic for several reasons. First very few people are going to have the strength to walk for 24 hours straight. I’m thinking you might be doing good to put in a solid 8 to 10 hours a day. I’m very athletic and riding a bike 100 miles takes a hell of a lot out of me.

    Secondly, in Houston (and NOLA for that matter) you are dealing with 95+ degree heat in 90+ percent humidity. You have to carry significant water to walk those distances in that kind of heat and humidity. Water is heavy and the average person doesn’t have a several gallon camelbak ready to fill up and go, you definitely don’t have one if you are poor.

    Finally, it doesn’t factor in kids at all. Most parents can’t even get their kids to behave for an afternoon shopping trip, I don’t think you’d get any cooperation whatsoever for walking 8 hours in the heat. That means that your progress is going to be impeded even more and that 3mph might go down to 1 or 2 interrupted with numerous breaks.

    So in short you don’t gain much by walking and in fact might put yourself in greater danger. Hurricanes can cover a distance of 120 miles or more with their winds. If you are stuck on the road unprotected and subject to getting hit with flying objects or flash flooding you might be worse off than if you had stayed in your home.

    In conclusion, simply chalking this up to “they should have walked out” doesn’t cut it. Those people are going to die or be in danger either way. The problem is that we spend billions of dollars a year supposedly thinking up disaster plans to protect us and they clearly failed. This would be quite a different matter if we had no DHS or FEMA and people were arguing the government should protect us. They are already taking large sums of money to do so and they are failing, that is the problem.

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