More AP Idiocy

As many of you know, I dislike the AP. I think they hire lazy journalists who lack common sense and minimal observation skills.

Another case in point, this article:

Here is an actual quote from the article that is not attributed to anyone, and therefore is the author’s– Daisy Nguyen– own words:

The pilot finally brought the plane down, back wheels first.

Ok, Daisy. Have you never watched a plane land before?

All planes– from Piper Warriors and Cessna 152s all the way up to 777s and even the space shuttle– land with their back wheels down first.

Otherwise, you are trying to land a JET on a UNICYCLE.


One thought on “More AP Idiocy

  1. Hey Mike! I know the AP is a little wacko at times. One of my managers also work(s) for a ice skating magazine (ill try and get the link later) and she says she loves how the AP writes…

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