I dislike Ebay.

It seems to me like it is full of idiots who have no problem paying higher than retail for an item of questionable origin, and then paying exorbitant shipping fees to get that questionable item shipped to them.

There are very few occasions when I will use Ebay. I have bought 4 items through them:

- Telephone. I collect rotary telephones (the 50s-60s-70s-80s Bell system models). I bought a nice chocolate brown rotary made in 1981 for around $25 delivered. Good deal.

- Web templates. Some guy was selling what he claimed were nice web templates– several gigs of them– for a few dollars. I bought them, and ultimately was disappointed.

- Microphones/Microphone stands/Microphone cables/Pop filters. I bought two sets of brand new microphones with pop filters, stands, and cables for about $90 each plus reasonable shipping. That was a great deal.

- Toner refills. I just received three toner refills today for my Samsung ML-1740 laser printer. They seem fine to me, although I haven’t used them yet.

I am considering selling bags of historic Savannah dirt on Ebay. I’ll charge somewhere around $5 per half cup bag, along with somewhere between $5 and– oh– $100 shipping. I’ll write my product description something like this:

“For sale: Historic Savannah Dirt. Founded in 1733, Savannah is Georgia’s First City. Now is your opportunity to own a piece of history– Historic Savannah Dirt. For a low price of $5 per bag, we will ship four ounces of Historic Savannah Dirt to your door. Dealers welcome.”

I’ll then expound about how I’ve seen people sell grilled cheese sandwiches, used chewing gum, and advertising space on their own body, and explain that if people are stupid enough to buy those items, there are certainly enough mental midgets out there on Ebay to purchase dirt from my front yard for $5/ half cup.

You want to know something that I hate about Ebay? The feedback system. It is LAME. I am the perfect buyer. I pay for my items immediately, and always provide positive feedback. But, of the four items I have bought, I have only had two people leave feedback for me. That means that my feedback rating is stuck at two, even though I have demonstrated my purchasing capabilities on four separate occasions. I would propose this for Ebay: If one party in a transaction leaves feedback for another, and that other party fails to offer feedback in kind, the party that does not leave feedback should automatically receive TWO negative feedback– one for failing to leave feedback, and one for being an idiot.

There. I’m done. And now I feel better.

…for now.

2 thoughts on “Ebay

  1. I have to add that the seller from the latest purchase I made has now left me positive feedback. I’m three for four– that is a little bit better.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy some plastic bags and a small garden trowel. Is it illegal to send dirt through the mail…?

  2. Mike, since you are feeling better about your 3 out of 4 feedback uplift on ebay, have a mint julip and some corn squeezin’s to chase it down with. I know what you mean about the feedback thing, though. You got sympathy.


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