The USPS Sucks

Yeah, they suck BAD. My mailman is a jerk, too.

I’ve filed yet another complaint. So, aside from the complaint I just filed, my complaints include theft of property (believe it or not, he stole my beatup and battered US flag that was rusted into the mount– I complained, and the next day it was back, rolled up neatly, on the side of my house), harrassing my pets (knocking on the glass to make my cat run from the door– we saw it from the kitchen), and improper delivery procedures (received first and last notice on Jan 16th to pickup Christmas gift containing food items sent on Dec 5). He makes us go to the post office for every single priority mail package we get– no matter how small.

I’m sick of these jerks. I’m about ready to remove my mailbox from my door and put in a forwarding to my post office box.

Check out what these pricks did to my 8×10 prints:






300 thoughts on “The USPS Sucks

  1. Greetings!
    It is interesting but irritating how mail service now a days are way more inefficient, expensive and unreliable than they used to be. I live in a zoo also known as New York Zoo, I mean New York City. Our mailman keeps changing, sometimes it’s a mail woman. Most of them are lazy, slow and Extremely CARELESS. They scramble our mail not once in a while but OFTEN. I don’t want my credit card information on someone else’s mailbox with all my personal and financial info on their hands. We got some dishonest people where I live. I even had a person in the building ordering CD’s under my name(identity theft) when I was on vacation. I know it’s not the mailperson’s fault, however, if they didn’t scramble our mail so many times, were conscious and careful perhaps this would not have happened. It’s very Unfortunate for me to say so, however being the truth, the building I live is very insecure. It’s so easy to enter. We have 2 doors and the mailboxes stay where the first door opens. Our old mailboxes were to the 2nd door but even unsafer, I lost count of how many times I have complained that the mailperson left the whole set of mailboxes opened, besides all the scrambling they enjoy. It happened many, many times. I have pictures to prove it. They are joined together there is a key in the middle. When that key is turned by usps the boxes come foward. Also,Many times we’ve had mailman/woman leaving packages on top of the New mailboxes which is UNSAFE, anyone can enter the door and steal it but most of the times, the thieves living in the building enjoy stealing it themselves. I’ve had packages from UPS, USPS stolen and tampered with many times before because the delivery service from both companies leave packages downstairs. Our building does not have an elevator. I can overstand they might not want to go up 5 flights of stairs but they can leave a notice of attempt. I have formally complained so many times about these incidents it’s not even funny. Recently our usps service have gotten better…LOL…they don’t scramble as much and don’t even attempt to ring the buzzer to bother with deliveries….they leave a notice of attempt inside the mailbox. So we have to go to the post office and get the packages which in turn, we don’t have them stolen. I feel bad for the elderly pple in the building having to deal with that.
    I have had many problems with UPS as well. They ENJOY the habit of delivering our packages to the wrong address when our main delivery person is on vacation. But even with our main guy I have had some mishaps. I’ve had some irreplaceable package stolen by someone in the building because he left it at the unsafe area downstairs…I had my money refunded however with no problem. But the items were limited edition, and could never get them again.
    What I am saying, is that these companies alll of them, really are not very reliable, and some pple working for them even less. I even recently had problems with FedEx Express not even ground. Which by the way, It’s possible they are even worse than usps. I payed big bux to get some important documents to be delivered overseas in 3 days “guaranteed”. Needles to say much, it took FedEx Express service 5 days. But because after the 3rd day I made more than 10 calls to pressure them to deliver what I payed and what was promised under contract. Had I not called them, the package would still be sitting somewhere. The recipient lost 2 days of work because they could not even give me a definite delivery date. They gave me much talk and kept on giving me the run around. So I went from 3 days guaranteed with definite delivery date,to no guarantees what so ever, mius a delivery date. Now how about that….That was horrible service….I’m seeking for refund though.
    It’s said that FedEx ground treats it’s workers the worse, because the drivers are contractors by other parties. Which means their are posing as fedex but not exactly working for them. They have no benefits such as health insurance, and such. These drivers are pressured to fill their quotas and are “forced” to work under inhuman conditions. In saying that, they are angry people in a hurry to fill their quotas. And your packages most likely will intentionally be thrown around and unto the ground. ( LOL…guess that’s what fedex ground is all about)
    If you go online on youtube for instance, there is a lot of footage of all these companies where the person in charge of delivery doing absurd things with customer’s packages from throwing them to stealing them…Take a look, it’s not only USPS.

  2. Yeah, I made a complaint to my local USPS about the mail person leaving packages on top of the mailboxes and requested they either knock on the door(someone is almost always home) or leave a pick up note. Two days later I walk out my door and find my package next to the door, I was pretty irritated as both me and my wife were home at teh time and the lady just left it there without even bothering to knock. I’ve had multiple packages stolen and it’s very frustrating. When I called the first time to make the complaint the representative for the USPS who received my call was quite abrasive. It’s no wonder they are operating at a loss, their business SUCKS!!!!

  3. USPS does suck. They give delivery “estimates” but rarely live up to them- as opposed to UPS/Fedex that almost always deliver by their estimated dates. They have packages sitting is facilities for 3-4 days when they’re “priority”. We are constantly getting other people’s mail for neighboring streets or addresses. Sometimes nobody delievers the mail and I have to call and ask them to make sure they deliver to our address. I have no pity on USPS going bankrupt, I just pity us taxpayers for when we’ll eventually have to bail them out.

  4. USPS is a piece of trash. My mailman throws packages on our porch. What a lazy A$$! I also sell on Ebay and I don’t always have packages insured. I am so tired of people contacting me and telling me how their package was smashed to pieces. I ordered a red ink stamp with FRAGILE on it and I stamp it all over the box thinking that maybe postal worker can read and not treat it like rubbish!!! GRRRRR! I can say that I have not any trouble with UPS.

  5. On top of their useless tracking, if I mail a letter to someone in our town they sent it and all mail 100 miles away and back to deliver….no wonder these useless wads are losing money

  6. USPS goes to every door every day to deliver something and they still cannot integrate a competitive parcel delivery service into that. This is just sad – another example of how anything that is run by the government cannot compete with a privately owned business.

  7. Why does USPS think they should be able to take off on Columbus Day(not a real holiday) while they rest of us are working and trying to conduct business and mail / receive our packages.

  8. I also have problems. In fact the whole neighborhood does. Mail is always sent to the wrong address. Neighbors have to go around the neighborhood and deliver mail they recieved for someone else. Our HOA had a meeting with the postmaster. And guess what. Nothing changed.When you see the delivery person they always have a cell phone stuck to thier ear. They can listen but not read.

  9. A USPS blows ordered fish overnight from the twin city’s 240 miles away cost 50 bucks and they sent it to Texas! Wtf!!! Miss routed Ya you think. Been 3 days pretty sure the fish are dead

  10. I moved to a new town in the Northeast and USPS has “lost” my mail several times a year since then — incoming and outgoing. Either somebody’s got sticky fingers or they’re hoarding it or tossing it away instead of delivering. Did you know that USPS will put a hold on your mail online for free, but CHARGE your credit card $1 to change your address online? They say the $1 is to “verify it’s you”. Oh really – you can “lose” my mail on a fairly regular basis but you think I’m going to give you my credit card info? Not happening.

  11. I wish my carrier would get off their lazy butt and even drop the packages at the door! All I get is a pickup notice these days. My old carrier used to pull in the driveway and deliver to the door, but it is too much to ask from the new carrier. No Xmas bonus this year, USPS.
    This laziness causes unexpected delays to my customers when I’m waiting on parts. Now UPS actually uses USPS for smaller local deliveries (in eastern PA, anyways). BOO!

  12. Everybody at usps can eat a hot bowl of dicks with grits on the side.

  13. Ok, so I had an item delivered express mail, it didnt arrive to its destination until 4 days later; when I called to get a refund they told me it arrived at the post office, but for whatever reason on the way to route got sent back to the post office and was re-delivered the following monday. When I called and asked why they tried to say no one was there to sign for it. But when I told them I put for the signature to be waived on the package, they said, Oh. Well then you can go to the local post-office for a refund. When I got there they refused to give me a refund stating that the package arrived to its destination, and they dont know why it wasnt delivered, but they are not at fault. WTF?

  14. The US Postal Service should go belly up. The service is horrible, it took 5 days for a letter to reach me from Virgina to Florida.

  15. You are so right, USPS is the most useless entity ever. I have moved everything I have to online payment, use UPS and Fedex ground if there is any choice at all if I have to mail something.

  16. USPS is a necessary evil it seems…they seem to lose about one in three package orders regularly.
    I kind of feel sorry for our carrier.
    Poor guy has to carry and deliver so much horseshit mail like catalogs, useless flyers etc.
    Like the DirecTV and Dish Nutwork stuff, those two companies might be single handedly keeping the paper and ink companies solvent.
    I’ll bet we get 23 or 24 offers from them thru mail and newspapers every week…thank god they don’t have my e-mail!

  17. Once I had the flag up on my mailbox for an outgoing letter but the letter carrier did not pick up the mail. My next door neighbor was moving and a moving truck was blocking my mailbox. The letter carrier did not deliver mail until the next day. My letter carrier has failed to close the door to my mailbox on a number of occasions. The door is operational and closes fine but sometimes my letter carrier is just too lazy to close the door.

  18. Poor service!!!
    I have a P O Box that gets over stuffed ever chance the clerk’s can punish me for not getting in to the Local office here in Alpine CA.
    Today I was under my car”SUV” working on it when this jerk from the USPS pulls up and starts honking his horn.
    I yell I can’t get up now as its a bit job at age 74 getting up and down.
    I finely got up and asked why he could not just drop the package in behind the car I was working on.
    I’m afraid of your dog!!!
    Our dog is a small Lhasa Apse 18 pounds.
    Its no wonder the USPS is going under.
    What get to me was his honking his horn over and over.
    No one could be that rude.
    He was thought.
    Oh when he puled away he told me this was a HOSTEL Environment.
    I called the Alpine Post Office and spoke to some by the name of Ron who told me he was in charge and I was wrong about his postal carrier.
    From now on I will not ship via the USPS
    Plus I’ll also ask company’s not to ship via the USPS to our home.
    This is the crap I get after living and using the Alpine CA Post Office for over 30 years.

  19. I agree. This year alone I’ve had three issues with USPS and I harldy use teh service. My items are either destroyed, lost or takes forever to arrive. I wish the whole thing woudl just shut down! Right this second, my item is in the same location for teh last six days…an hour away…in the same state…and I paid for expedited shipping! Ripoff! They really need to shut down.

  20. USPS is as a whole a parasite which is consisting of parasites in it. Since it is a government company I do not think no matter they seem to lose money, it is us the taxpayers lose money. They get their salaries NO MATTER WHAT. They steal-destroy-screw your parcels-mails etc. but nothing happens to them. And since they are government the company will still have the money to pay the workers. So we pay taxes-we pay for the service and what do we get? Well let me tell what I get, parcels torn- lost mails- or misdelivered (well my personal info is in that envelope or checks that are written to me which I am waiting for- ohh who gives a sht?), one time the mail creature left a we missed you paper in the mailbox WHILE I WAS STANDING AT MY DOOR. But people should wake and start doing something. There are some pages on facebook which says USPS SUCKS, I liked them but not enough. We have to be together and show them we will do something if it keeps the way it is. Starting from facebook or wherever on web then maybe carry it to court…

  21. Yeah, My parents were approved on the 15th of December of 2011 and the credit card was to be shipped out immediately. Here it is December 23, 2011, and my parents have not received it in the mail. Thanks USPS for ruining my Christmas as I was wishing they would be here with me for the holidays. :’-(

  22. I agree 100% The USPS has caused my business thousands of dollars. Why I am getting 3rd class mail during the holidays is beyond me. Ive got a package in WI sitting for 5 days a check in the mail now 15 days, and overnighter that is now 11 days late. Ive come to realize that the USPS service can get away with murder. They lose your stuff or steal it whatever the case and they dont get in trouble no matter how much you complain. Their tracking service is quite unreliable at times also. Years ago it was run very differently than it is today. People have simply gotten lazy. There really is no other excuse for this nonsense.

  23. I still don’t get why they shipped my item to Chile instead of Switzerland… I mean, Chile isn’t even on the way to Europe!
    And they have no international customer assistance!

    Swiss Post is way better, faster and reliable

  24. can someone explain the routing of this package for me? I have sent it 3rd class from Michigan to Nebraska…

    he is the travel sequence, starts from the bottom up……..

    Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    Feb-06-12, 09:33 AM, CINCINNATI, OH 45235

    Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    Feb-05-12, 00:20 AM, DES MOINES, IA 50395

    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility

    Feb-03-12, 09:29 AM, WARRENDALE, PA 15095

    Dispatched to Sort Facility

    Feb-02-12, 17:17 PM, MOUNT CLEMENS, MI 48046


    Feb-02-12, 09:10 AM, MOUNT CLEMENS, MI 48046

    are they just trying to make sure it doesnt get there to early?



  26. There case investigation is a joke. I have a case number, but it got me nowhere. I sell $15,000 a year on ebay and will never again use the usps. The suck part is the case # I have and the lost package is something I ordered. The usps can ship a package from the west coast to the east coast in 3 days. I bought an item less than 100 miles from my home and it was shipped usps first class. I am on 11 days and they can’t find it. I say to all the people belly aching because the usps wants to close a bunch of locations, CLOSE EM ALL. If I ran my business the way you do, I would lose my customers and they would go somewhere else. The usps needs some competition, and it wouldn’t take much to put them out of business. Someone should open a national mail service, without unions, and see how quickly the usps goes down the toilet!!

  27. How can you make $20+/hr for a job that requires nothing more than literacy and then suck at it? These scum bags are part of the reason why we are $14 trillion in debt. opt out of USPS and go private.

  28. I found out that the USPS closed my PO Box when a client informed me that a check that they sent was returned.
    My box was paid up for 6 months and when I went down to the post office they had no explanation as to why my box was closed and the locks changed. I questioned one of the workers as to why I was not notified and why my mail was not forwarded and the worker actually told me that the person who closed the box makes mistakes like this all the time and to help me out they weren’t going to charge me for the new keys. Really? Why should I be charged for their mistake? Why are USPS workers so inept? So many Americans without jobs and these people who earn decent salaries cannot be bothered to do their jobs correctly.
    I made a complaint which was a complete waste of time because a few weeks later they sent back more mail. I really do think that the workers at that particular post office, most of whom have bad attitudes, closed my box on purpose after I complained that the mail was not being put in my box by 11 a.m. which is USPS policy.

  29. Will never use USPS for anything valuable to me. I never receive anything whole….Never!!!
    Check this out my picture link. This is the 3rd item I received completely, I mean COMPLETELY broken, not cracked or partially chipped. The guys that handle the packages do not give a f%#k about any package that comes their way.

    I have no pity for them. Privatize USPS and the job will get done. Why should people at th postal office get premium pay or a job NOT well done. Down with USPS, they are part of the national debt problem – get id of them, period!

  30. Lord forbid you use the parcial post method. I ordered a used textbook through amazon for a class… (a month a head of time mind you). The only option was partial post, and it took them over 2 months to deliver it. I could take a trip around the world in a bathtub in that amount of time! Needless to say it came too late to use for class. I hope these lazy asses go out of business quick.

  31. USPS DOESN’t have a normal tracking system! They suck. They lose packages all the time. Lost my confirmation number and they couldn’t help! They suckkkkk!

  32. Unfortunately the US mail is a bad way of sending or receiving anything. You are far better off sending or receiving things from UPS or FEDEX. I know there may be problems with either them but I have never had as much trouble with them as I’ve have with the US Postal service. If there is something you really count on, don’t use the postal service (USPS).

  33. I’ve found a new and more irritating way for the USPS to screw us. A lot of online vendors are now using the USPS instead of UPS or FedEx. I have had two packages now, that were supposedly sent via FedEx for the first item and UPS for the second.

    You receive a tracking number and click on the “tracking” link that tells you no information is available. The first item was a sink I purchased from a vendor in New York. I live in Oregon. I received an e-mail that the package was to be delivered on Monday October 29. Nothing came. Checked the tracking number (after three days there was finally a status of the package. The item arrived in Oregon on Friday the 26th of October. When I checked the link later on the 29th there was information that the package was sent from Oregon to Washington state??

    I called FedEx and was told that they only delivered the item to Oregon and the USPS was responsible for delivering the item to my home in Oregon. UPS said that according to their information, the package would be delivered on Friday, November 2nd. So it took a week for the package to go via FedEx from New York to Oregon and another week for it to go from Troutdale, Oregon to my home 75 miles away!!! What the hell!

    I ordered a computer from a vendor in CA. They charged my card immediately. I received an e-mail confirming the purchase and then a follow-up e-mail with a tracking number stating that the package was being shipped via UPS. Unfortunately, the tracking number they sent looked dreadfully similar to the tracking number I received for the sink. Oh No! Please don’t tell me you shipped this dam computer via UPS/USPS. Well, I have tried for the past three days to track the package, but is still says no tracking information is available. I called UPS and gave them the tracking number (anyone who has used UPS knows that ALL of their tracking numbers begin “1Z” and sure enough the woman at UPS said the number I gave her sounded like a USPS tracking number. However, when she entered that number into the USPS tracking system, she said there was no record available.


  34. Express Mail is Worthless!!!! Do not use this service!!! No wonder that the USPS is going broke. They are a hopeless organization. Express Mail will not get there the next day….. The are not truthful in their advertising!

  35. so i ordered a package priorty mail 1-3 days well for two days it sat in a facility before actual shipment so i gues the post office thinks its cool to rip people of since i could have went with the free standard shiping and would have recieved it in the same amount of time

  36. USPS are a bunch of idiots.i mailed a payment and they never recieved.after a week it shoed back up in my mail box.stamped returned for postage and it had a stamp on it! They have lost 2 of my mortgage payments never to be found .i hope they go totally broke i wont ever use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. They never, never, never deliver anything to my house. They always leave a ticket and make me go to the post office to retrieve the package. USPS SUX!

  38. I have made NUMEROUS calls over the past 2 years to the 800 number…….3 this month….about getting my neighbors mail and not gettting my mail. The a-holes just continue to take down the info and do not a gd thing about it. Tried calling the local po and guy told me he has gotten complaints from others in my neighborhood as well but the crap continues. As far as i am concerned, they can all go copulate with themselves.

  39. Usps does suck. Three times they lost packages of mine and when i complained they told me there was nothing they could do about it. So far these assholes have cost me over $200.00. That’s the federal government for you. Stupid as hell and don’t care…

  40. You are a complete idiot, the USPS is not ran by the govt not a penny of your precious tax dollars go toward their expenses. You people complain about the stupidest things, find a cause and fight for that rather than bashing the post office, bunch of morons, you people make me sick

  41. Ugh………you have ONE friggin job.. Buncha idiots! Never get your fat a$$ out of the LLV to deliver packages…..NEVER. Always delivering wrong mail… Some days, no mail? Really?

  42. USPS Sucks the retards deliberately with hold peoples mail make them beg for their own mail they paid to ship not only that make disgraceful remarks that are not their business regarding disabled people and what they do and buy…. what
    because they use pure stuff rather than eat trash that will make them sicker and
    because they get vitamins that keep them from getting sicker unlike the idiots
    that user cancer causing trash… control freak narcissist who want control over others or are envious working in post offices…manner-less pussies too stupid to do their job’s right your day will come upon you to be treated how you treated others and well deserved….

  43. USPS Sucks the retards deliberately with hold peoples mail make them beg for their own mail they paid to ship not only that make disgraceful remarks that are not their business regarding disabled people and what they do and buy…. what
    because they use pure stuff rather than eat trash that will make them sicker and
    because they get vitamins that keep them from getting sicker unlike the idiots
    that user cancer causing trash… control freak narcissist who want control over others or are envious working in post offices…manner-less pussies too stupid to do their job’s right your day will come upon you to be treated how you treated others and well deserved…. once a jack ass always a jack ass..

  44. completely stopping doing business with them USPS and no job for them is the way to deal with the pricks and inept agency……no work= no job= no pay=
    gone and they’ll have to go elsewhere or wash dishes for $7 An hour…..Only fools would keep US postal afloat… Time to get rid of them and their shitty
    people and get a well monitored mail system that fully monitors deals with their employees and fires them that screw with other people and have poor public relations and violate the rights of others….

  45. Kris Kringle yea really they do that shit here too…. heres how to cost them, return to sender and let them know it was placed in wrong box and date then
    USPS has to pay postage costs because their screw up and also let the fed gov know every single time.

  46. Making it costly for them and documenting their every action tape recording their every action and rude trash and using other mailing service rather than them is the way to deal with them…. they like to sit on their asses that’s why they run
    people off from dealing with them so they can sit on their ass more and get paid for it… They are the worst to deal with and suck…..

  47. I agree that the USPS is terrible business at it’s finest, and the saddest part is that they get away with it. I live in MA and ordered something from Virginia, with “Priority 2-Day” shipping. Well, it’s been 5 business days and it’s not here. Furthermore, the tracking number they gave me said that its in Nashua, New Hampshire and had been sitting there for TWO DAYS! First off, if its Virginia to Massachusetts, why in the hell would you ship it to NEW HAMPSHIRE?! No wonder these people are wasting money, they are shipping things completely out of the way and then driving them all the way back to where they should go. Awful service. And whats worse, is the tracking number initially showed a statement that said “Processed through USPS sort facility” in NH. And when I clicked it, it said that my package had left that facility. Two days later, and ANOTHER message popped up saying “Departed USPS sort facility”. So their tracking system flat-out lied to me, telling me my package had been processed and left, only to tell me two days later that it ACTUALLY left just now. And this is only the most recent example of this. Never again will I ship anything using the USPS, I would rather gas up my Toyota and just drive my crap where it needs to go… if you want something done right do it yourself.. or at least don’t trust our government…

  48. To the person who claims that the UNITED STATES Postal Service ie. USPS is not part of the government, usually when the name of a country wide company’s name starts with United States it is part of the government which does use taxpayers money to pay employees. Just trying to save you from future embarrassment. You’re welcome

  49. Time to shut this “agency of the US government” down. Hemorrhaging money, raging incompetence, theft and deceit to try to cover it all up.
    3 missing packages.
    10+ phones calls, all made by me to them.
    5 promised return calls never made by them to me.
    4 different stories of how my packages were delivered.
    2 possible different mail carriers Chuck and Theresa.
    Today, Shannon from the St Louis Park Post Office told me to file a police report. I will . . . naming both Chuck and Theresa. Thanks Shannon!

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