The USPS Sucks

Yeah, they suck BAD. My mailman is a jerk, too.

I’ve filed yet another complaint. So, aside from the complaint I just filed, my complaints include theft of property (believe it or not, he stole my beatup and battered US flag that was rusted into the mount– I complained, and the next day it was back, rolled up neatly, on the side of my house), harrassing my pets (knocking on the glass to make my cat run from the door– we saw it from the kitchen), and improper delivery procedures (received first and last notice on Jan 16th to pickup Christmas gift containing food items sent on Dec 5). He makes us go to the post office for every single priority mail package we get– no matter how small.

I’m sick of these jerks. I’m about ready to remove my mailbox from my door and put in a forwarding to my post office box.

Check out what these pricks did to my 8×10 prints:






305 thoughts on “The USPS Sucks

  1. I purchased an item off of eBay. It’s coming from Covington GA. to Waldorf MD. via USPS Standard Post (never again). Im tracking the package (that was supposed to be here by 11/21/14) and its been bounced around all over GA. and is now in, DALLAS MUTHAFRICKIN TEXAS!!!! WTF?!?! I am beyond pissed as my package has been sitting there for the past 3 DAYS!!! OMG! I think I’m going to have a brain aneurysm…

  2. Hey that so-called mailbox is a WW2 era model no longer sufficient to handle your bullshit… people like u with a f876up 1942 lidless worn out and dangerous i.e. metal rim finger cutter outdated able to theft your goods anytime within seconds.. not to mention a step away from your front door no-doubt adding to your f’in laziness not to get off your duff and walk to da curb to fetch your shit-for-mail from a modern security/parcel included locker sized personal mailbox capable of handling all sorts of shit u idiots NOT da USPS’s problem… a crinkled photo doc was bound to show up just that way mainly because no dumb ass would send photos via mail…insured or not..get a life airhead and stop slamming da USPS those uninsured photos cost u a fraction whta dem OTHER idiots fedex and UPS would’ve charged u and they would have tossed it on da in who-cares”’got it?

  3. I agree, I was emailed that a package was mailed? not in my box, and no key for the package box. I left a copy of delivery notice with a note that I did not receive it. I got a message back with a key, saying all set they forgot to leave me the key. I tried the key and it will not open the box. I also have 3 more packages that say they were delivered? they must be in the box with my first package and can’t get at them because they left the wrong key to access the package box. I now have to wait another 2 day’s after Christmas to get at my packages, due to incompetence twice. I will have to stand by the mail boxes to ensure I can get at my property.

  4. Don’t feel alone there folks. My package was mailed on 3/28/15. It was supposed to arrive somewhere around 4/1/2015. It is somewhere in San Francisco, CA at some mail mangling facility, or, at least, that is the last place that it was scanned on 3/30/2015. So, I sent an email to and it bounced (big surprise). I have tracked it since 4/7/2015 and gotten the same response. Yep, it’s in California. Yep, it’s just sitting there. Yep, they cannot seem to put it on a truck for Florida. Nope, no one at USPS seems to be able to find it in California. Guess it fell into a black hole or something out there………..

  5. Yes USPS sucks big time , I live in a residence and USPS never bothers to ring bell for my package, they just leave it there to be stolen or take it back saying no one was here, then the last straw, they delivered a package on Sunday that was supposed to be delivered Monday that never came, don’t know were my package is, cant get in touch with agent. Yes USPS sucks big time!

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