Can anyone out there recommend a new browser that is not Opera, IE, or FireFox based that is customizable and works as it is designed?

FireFox’s built-in updater is garbage. It has never worked for me. Every time FireFox needs an update, I have to completely uninstall it, download all my extensions, reinstall the browser, restore my extensions, and restore my bookmarks. Even then, some of my extensions just don’t work (user agent switcher, view in IE, etc).

FireFox has horrible support for Flash. It took me six or eight attempts at uninstalling and reinstalling Flash last night just to get it to work, and even then, it is very slow.

FireFox is crap, it really is. It is the “Apple” of browsers. Mozilla has all these fan boys convinced that they are the best thing in the world, but when it comes down to it, it is just a nice spec sheet with poor implementation (from a user perspective).

It seems to be a cobbled together browser made by people who are fine allowing their users to get frustrated when built-in features do not work. It doesn’t even come close to having a shot at taking down IE until they make it so that non-geeks can use it without having any problems.

Hey Mozilla Foundation– you suck, and your products suck too. Take a lesson from Skype, and make your product’s slogan “It Just Works.” If it doesn’t “just work,” then I’m not going to use it. I’m sick of spending my days trying to figure out why my browser won’t load a page, or why the upgrade ate my settings, or why my browser is taking up 100MB of RAM. I’m sick of having to CtrlAltDel and kill the FireFox.exe process because it just decided to disappear, bless its heart.

So, any suggestions?

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  1. I’m going to have to disagree with you about FireFox. It is the one of the only browsers out there that actually interprets CSS correctly and abides by web standards. That is pretty important in my opinion. Good security, tabbed browsing, the ability to even have extensions… all good things.

    As far as the browser itself, I think you are being overly harsh. It is an open source project and doesn’t have some company throwing millions upon millions into development. They are only in their 1.0 release at the moment and have only been around period for a few years. Do you remember what IE and Netscape were like in their early years? Hell, just think about what IE is like *now*. What software product is *ever* perfect in their 1.0 release? 1.5 is coming out in a few months and from what I’ve seen works a lot better, once they get to 2.0 I predict they’ll be the market leader because I’m pretty certain that IE 7 will completely underwhelm everyone. 7… and they still haven’t gotten it right. You have to put into perspective what an open source company has accomplished in a few short years vs what one of the largest companies on the planet throwing millions upon millions at a product over 10 years has accomplished.

    As far as the extensions go I don’t think you can really expect too much – they are afterall developed by random people volunteering their time and again they don’t go through some rigorous QA process.

    Now the one thing that does bug me a whole lot is the fact that it doesn’t seem like you can turn off the auto updates stuff. If your extensions work then you ought to be able to just let them be. I guess if you update your browser then all bets are off of course. What you have described has happened to me quite a bit but I just limit the extensions I use.

    I guess my suggestion would be to file bugs and talk it up on the mozilla forums – people need to know about the problems (if they don’t already) or they need to know which ones are the worst which happens via the squeaky wheel factor.

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