Jury still out: xPCgear.com

On November 16, I ordered an external USB enclosure to use for a hard drive. xPCgear had a well-reviewed unit on sale for around $20 after using a coupon code, so I ordered one.

21 days later, I still have no working enclosure.

The enclosure I was sent just doesn’t work. It powers up and is recognized by USB, but I can’t complete a format (“format failed” is the error message, thank you Windows for being so verbose). If I format the drive on an IDE connection and then stick it in the drive, it works for about 20 seconds before I’m thrown a “delayed write failure” error. I’ve tried 3 computers using 3 cables and 2 hard drives– none work. This thing is defective.

So I email the manufacturer with all of the information they need, and their one sentence response can be summarized as: defective unit, return it.

So I contact xPCgear.com and let them know that the manufacturer thinks the enclosure is bad. I ask them if there are known issues with the enclosure, and if I just had bad luck on this particular item. I asked if they recommended a replacement or a refund.

Their first response– while taking several days– was friendly and seemingly genuine. They asked me to do some basic troubleshooting and send them back the results. Of course, I had already done all of the troubleshooting, so I sent them the information they needed.

That was three days ago. They haven’t replied to my email yet, so I sent them another email asking for resolution. Still no response, and it’s been a few hours.

xPCgear.com has NO phone number. I can’t call and ask for resolution, and that is frustrating. As a result, I cannot recommend xPCgear.com in the future. No phone number + delayed email responses = No repeat business.

I rated them at Yahoo this morning. I gave them a very poor review because that is what they deserve. They have terrible support, they force me to use UPS shipping, and did I mention they have terrible support?

So, now I have the decision of trying to RMA it for a replacement in hopes that enclosure number two works, eating the cost of shipping, or I can just return it as defective and pay return shipping. I’m leaning towards the second option, and never doing business with this company again.

Unless they make good on their support.

I’m not holding my breath.

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