The storm literally killed him.

Alright, so I was just listening to the radio a moment ago, and the news guy reading his northeast-centric news is talking about the snowstorm that just yesterday hit all the suckers who have chosen to live in a frozen tundra for a third of the year. The news idiot says, “The storm is responsible for ten traffic related fatalaties.”


The storm did it?

How exactly does a storm kill someone? I have been thinking about this for a few minutes now, and I am very hard pressed to come up with many types of weather events that can actually kill someone, particularly if they have the standard in modern technology– a car, shelter, heat, a radio, a tv, etc.

The easiest way to avoid killing yourself in a traffic accident during a snow storm?



4 thoughts on “The storm literally killed him.

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  2. sorry the storm did not kill me. so fn sorry to disappoint all of you.

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