Christmas Bounty…. Yaaargh!

Whoa– holy cow did Jaime and I get a lot of stuff for Christmas. Here is the comprehensive list, in no particular order.

Best Buy giftcards – $105 worth
Linens and Things giftcard: $30
Visa giftcard: $100
Chesapeake Bay Candle sampler
Land O Lakes Hot Cocoa Sampler
Chicken can rack (two of them)
Table cloth
3lbs chocolate chips
1M candlepower flashlight
Black & Decker Gizmo can opener
Simpsons DVD season 6
Godfather part I DVD (two of them– uh oh!)
Godfather part II DVD
Clerks DVD
Wireless Forecast Station
Proctor-Silex 4 slice toaster
Wolfgang Puck 19pc Stainless Steel cookware set
Two ornaments
2.5lbs Hawaiian Coffee
Panasonic RC-CD350 radio (with digital tuner woohoo!)
Mrs. Wilkes Boardinghouse Cookbook
Limited Edition Chicago White Sox print
$50 cashola, baby.

I *think* that is it.

Jaime and I used the BestBuy giftcard already to get:

Philips 20″ Flat-Tube TV with Component Video Inputs – Silver – Model: 20PT6441

And we used the $100 visa giftcard towards:

KitchenAid KN15E1XPP Accolade 400 Stand Mixer, Green Peppercorn. Yes it is a stand mixer. Yes they are awesome. No, I can’t wait to get it.

That’s it, I think. So, what did YOU get?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Bounty…. Yaaargh!

  1. What an ungrateful jerk. You forgot to mention the limited edition White Sox world series poster and the $50 we got.

    And no, I can’t wait for the mixer either.

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