A Heavily Armed New Year

Ahhh, new years in Savannah. What a unique experience.

People never seem to believe me when I tell them that we experience very heavy gunfire in Savannah, so I decided to document it this year. I setup two high-quality microphones upstairs in my extra bedroom, facing out the window. The left channel is facing east, and the right channel is facing south.

The year actually turns from 2005 to 2006 somewhere between :30 and :60, and the audio is 15:00 long.

Enjoy– and please let me know what you think!

17 thoughts on “A Heavily Armed New Year

  1. Of course, some of it is fireworks. They shoot off fireworks on River Street, just a couple miles away. But, it’s easy to separate the fireworks from the gunshots. The gunshots are usually rhythmic.

    If you pull the file into a wav editor, you can actually see the gunshots compared to the fireworks!

    Happy new year, Cyan!


  2. Sounds like a typical day at work for me……but holy crap is that some firepower for a lovely burg like Savannah! You know…all that lead has to land somewhere…….

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  4. If there are so many guns in Savannah, why is the crime rate like it is? I can identify several different rounds being pulled off because each round is different based on powder, primer,and capacity. If more people would carry their guns with them then maybe the crimminals would be on the receiving end.

  5. Yikes. There was a comment in here that I’ve deleted that started off good, but then went too far for my little ‘ol blog.

    To the poster, you may have some points, but you need to rephrase them in a more constructive fashion if you want them on my blog (which I realize is not very significant in and of itself).

    Using the word “nigger” on my blog is certainly not acceptible, and as it was, your post was little more than flame bait. I’m not particularly interested in that.


  6. Perhap’s I was caught up in my own rage with the recent death of a family friends 19 year old daughter who was shot dead in the back while walking home this past Christmas Eve in Orleans Square by none other than three armed BLACK thug’s. Take the “N” word out of the reply that’s understandable. Have you ever spent any time around a group of urban black males lately? How often could you count the word being used over and over again in general conversation? Yeah it’s the ole double standard white amercia must live with I guess?

  7. Thanks for understanding. I don’t believe they have arrested anyone for the Christmas eve shooting in Orleans Square yet, although I have heard that they were questioning a person of interest.

    I’ve always been perplexed by the ‘n’ word and urban black culture’s willingness to call each other what appears to be a derogatory term. It’s not a term I personally choose to use.

    Savannah has problems, no doubt about that. We’re a 50-50 mix of black and white, and the divisions within certain segments of city or portions of the population are obvious.

    We have the mayor calling out black leaders, saying that the crime problem is partially their fault and basically resting the burden to improve on the black community. We have a seemingly racist radio talk show host referring to the mayor as “Otis Farakahn,” obvisously meant to be racially inflammatory, and then challenging him to come disupte it as if his show would be any sort of a fair stage for debate or even simple, polite discussion. We have about half of all high school students dropping out before they graduate. The number one cause of death for black males age 15-35 in Savannah is MURDER. And as this audio attests, we have easy access to guns.

    Our overwhelmed police force can’t really be blamed for not stopping the violence. Would you want to walk into the projects on President and East Broad in a blue uniform? Not for what they pay.

    Savannah has a lot of problems, there is no doubt about that.


  8. I live in Twickenham/Gordonston and it was MUCH WORSE than that! Plus it started at about 7 PM. I guess they were celebrating the arrival of the New Year in London. I had no idea so many of my neighbors were British.

  9. Dang, they really need to do something about that :P Good luck with staying alive in that city…

  10. Love the heavy machinegun fire at the 2:17 mark and again about 10 seconds later…

    Maybe you should invest in body armor for this New Years?!? :)

  11. Another BIG machinegun burst at 7:52ish… I always wanted to visit there, not sure now :D

  12. Heh!

    Come on, Rick! It’s perfectly safe down here. :P

    But yeah, body armor may be a good idea.


  13. Dang, Mike !!!

    I live in the Memphis, TN area and I belive in CC. I normally carry a 45. and sometimes a 32. in my pocket as a back up. After listening to the tape I have got a guestion for you on summer Savannah attire. Just what is the proper summer Savannah attier when it seems you need to accessorise with a UZI ???


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