AD Radio is off the ground!

I would like to thank everyone who listened and everyone who called in to AD Radio.

The show was a huge success. Our server was constantly pushed to our limit, and our phone lines were packed.

I think we had something like 18 calls in 2 hours!

Anyway, check out the audio at

I would also like to thank UltimateJoe, Crashfourit, and Beau for helping test the audio, UltimateJoe for helping provide perpetual comments and critique throughout the website development process, and Beau for the help coding the application that handles our phone.

I would also like to thank the folks at They provided the amazing voiceover talent that you hear on the show, and amazing talent indeed.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jaime. Jaim, you are the absolute best. You did a great job on the air.

The next show is Wednesday, Feb 8. I’ll talk to you then!


2 thoughts on “AD Radio is off the ground!

  1. Congrats Mike and Jaime.

    That was a great night and a great success

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