So, I placed an order last night for some stuff for the radio show. Most of the order went to American Musical, who I have raved about in the past. It seems, though, that American Musical has a poor selection of cables. For XLRs, they have 3′ cables or 10′ cables– nothing in between. I needed 5′.

So, I headed over to I had done business with them last week when I needed some cables, and was impressed.

I have a sales rep, Nathan. I’ve got his direct extension if I have problems, and if there are problems with my order, he contacts me. Now that is how business should be done.

For example, my order last week was partially out of stock. Nathan called me and told me as much, and said that if items were time-critical, I should order elsewhere. I did order elsewhere, but I really appreciated the honesty. He even upgraded a couple of my cables to make sure he made the sale!

Today, I wanted to be sure my order would ship. I rang Nathan, and got his voicemail. Within 100 seconds, he called back to say the order will ship tonight, and I’ll get it on Thursday or so. Bravo! What a fast response.

Lastly, Sweetwater did something with my first order that impressed me– or shall I say left an impression with me. They tossed in a handfull of name-brand candy with my order. This is brilliant! Now, here I am telling you how they gave me great service, and free candy. It cost them what– maybe a dime for the candy?

Was my testimonial worth a dime?

You decide.


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