Yeah, so I stole the title from the Caveman Laugh Ugh-lympics.

I do have to say, I’m disappointed. NBC’s coverage of the Olympics is awful.

Let me make a prediction: This Olympics will be the worst rated Olympics in the last 20 years.

Why? Because NBC’s coverage of the Olympics is awful.

Here it is, shortly after 1PM on a Sunday. I turn the TV on to watch some idiots hurl themselves off the side of a mountain. What do I see? Nascar timetrials!

Now, let’s say I’m a lazy person, and I just woke up. I have big plans for my Sunday afternoon. I turn on the TV, and see that the Olympics are on. Before I know it, I have watched for six hours, and have gotten nothing done. But I *did* end up watching the Olympics for much longer than I had intended, and I boosted NBC’s ratings.

But noooooooooo. NBC decided to pump up the Olympics for 2 years, and then completely drop the ball when it comes to scheduling.


One thought on “Ugh-lympics

  1. What about the little in depth personal bios? They are sooooo campy!

    Even with cable I have a hard time tracking Olympic coverage down, it has been really lousy and extremely Amnerican-centric.

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