I’ve had it.

I’m just sick of everything. You name it, I’m sick of it. If there is one particular thing that I am sick of, though, it is PEOPLE.

Today, I had my windshield broken by a rock thrown from a semi. I was going 50, as was he, and about a dozen rocks literally flew off the back of his truck. One of them hit my windshield directly in front of my face, causing a nickel-sized crack that has since spidered out to about 6″ across.

So now I’m going to have to spend nearly $250 do get a new windshield, all because some trucker decided not to check his truck for debris before getting on the road. Prick.

I memorized the USDOT number and called the company. I spoke with “Larry” who said I needed to talke to the manager, “Larry.” Yeah right. He said that they have tons of trucks, and that without the license plate number, I was basically out of luck.

I tracked down his insurance company using the USDOT number and filed a claim with them, but I’m not expecting anything at all.

Of course, this all comes on the heels of my last accident. When I say it was “my accident,” that is only because I own the car. I was not driving, and the car was not moving. It was parked. Some ass hit my car in the middle of the night, and then just drove away. It cost me $250 and about 4 weeks of non-stop daily fighting with my insurance company to get it repaired properly. It took 3 different repairs to get it done, and it still isn’t right. I’ve just given up. My fuel door no longer has a spring and flops in the breeze. My trunk trim is falling off because, after the second repair of the trunk trim, it was not repaired properly. I’ve just given up.

And, add this into the fact that my car has been hit twice before, NEVER while moving. The time previous was a drunk driver with no license, registration, insurance, or brakes. The one before it I was stopped when a dumb girl talking on the phone rear-ended me at 35mph without any attempt to stop at all, pushing me into the stopped vehicle in front of me. Substandard insurance; they offered me 55% of the damages, which totalled nearly $6k. The idiot girl was talking on her cell phone, surprise surprise.

So, let’s wrap it up.

Since I’ve owned my car:
3 accidents total
0 while the vehicle was moving
0 my fault
1 while vehicle actually being driven
3 claims against my own insurance
$1,250 in deductible payments

Since I’ve lived in Savannah:
2 accidents
0 while the vehicle was moving
0 my fault
0 while vehicle actually being driven
2 claims against my own insurance
$750 in deductible payments

1 destroyed windshield
1 identity theft and drained bank account

And to top it off, the stupid citizens of Savannah voted yesterday to increase our sales taxes by 2% so that our failing education system can continue to fail, but at more expense to the tax payers, and increasing our sales tax by 33%.

Seriously. What is wrong with people? How do so many people make it so long in life without being hit by a bus or fried while making toast in the shower?

I’m at the point that I do not give anyone the benefit of the doubt. My first impression of a person is that they are a liar looking to improve their own situation first and foremost. I haven’t been proven wrong yet.

And hell, I don’t even hold the door for people anymore. I used to have a nice big smile as I held the door for the person behind me, figuring it is the least I can do. But not anymore. NOBODY says thank you. Well, if I held the door for you, you say thank you. I just don’t hold doors anymore.

I’m done doing nice things for people. Until people give me a reason to do something nice for them, they are on their own.


4 thoughts on “I’ve had it.

  1. I had my car broken into three times by thieves, and they always broke the windows and did significant damage to the car without actually stealing anything…because there’s nothing to steal. It’s incredibly frustrating, because the windows are so damned expensive. The last time, we ended up buying a huge sheet of acrylic and forming it to the shape of the window, because it’s more difficult to break. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t really be possible with a windshield. Hopefully you’ll get some results from the insurance company, but they’re so difficult to deal with. :(

    Anyhow…I can appreciate where your misanthropy comes from. After having been in the real estate business for this long, I’ve dealt with so many self-interested and rude people that I can’t even count them anymore. After a while, it really starts to take its toll on your ability to trust anyone. I try not to let it get to me, but deep down, it always does, and as a response to that, I’ve become rather withdrawn as a person. I tend to see that as a negative failing of my own, because I view myself as being an overly-sensitive personality, but I also recognize that it’s a protective reflex.

    You and Jaime are both amazing human beings, and I hope that you don’t let the nastiness of other people create too much bitterness for you. You don’t deserve that at all.

  2. I won’t have may people wanting to look for things in my car. It is an old junker. [grin] It is a pain when “It” hits the fan.

  3. i’m with you, man. i won’t go into details but i certainly feel your pain – in dealing with idiots and assholes all the time, auto insurance claims people most heartily included. sometimes i wonder if paying for insurance is really worth it … because they really don’t seem to be insuring much aside from their bottom lines.

    i generally still hold the door for others even though i’m of the female persuasion, because i think it’s rude when someone goes through the door in front of me and leaves it to swing back in my face. in that respect i try to do unto others. i also don’t recline my seat on airline flights for the same reason. (i mean, have you ever tried to work on your laptop when the passenger in front of you has their seat reclined?) but it does seem like there are a large number of people out there who have a total disregard for others, and they sure make it hard to walk around with a smile on your face. (something i rarely do.)

    the one positive thing i have to add is that i do say thank you when someone holds the door for me. they don’t have to do it, and to me it is a sign of respect – something for which i am always grateful.

  4. I had the same exact thing happen to my windshield two weeks ago! I went through insurance to get it replaced though. I went to this website… http://www.suntecautoglass.com

    There’s lots of information about windshield replacements and repairs.

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