Has anyone out there tried Google SketchUp? Here’s the link for you to check out:

I’ve been looking for a computer-based way to design small projects, and it seems to fit the bill: Free, functional, and with a manageable learning curve.

After I learned the basics, I started designing a project. It is a an equipment rack for the gear for America’s Debate Radio. It will hold have an adjustable mixer tray on top, a 10-space slant rack in the middle, and a 4-space vertical rack on the bottom. I’ll put it on wheels so I can roll it out of the way when not in use.

Here’s the pic of what I came up with so far:

Click to Enlarge

I should be able to make it using one piece of plywood, and I figure I can build the whole thing for under $75. Of course, my design is wrong (1.5″ too tall, forgot about the wheels), but it is a good start.


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