Craigslist… pathetic…

Have a look (adult eyes only).

How sad for Savannah, and people in general.

The anonymity provided by the Internet is too often abused.

And how ironic that a website originating in the ultra-liberal California allows blatant racism, yet a non-partisan website based in Georgia upholds basic standards.

As I said: Craigslist… pathetic…


2 thoughts on “Craigslist… pathetic…

  1. Hey! I just bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee via Craigslist. Furthermore, the guy turned out to be gay and single, so there may also be a date somewhere in there. :)

  2. I’m sure that Craigslist is just fine most of the time. But come on– if there was a whole section for sounding off that was mainly used to bash gay people simply for the fact that they are gay, it would be pathetic just the same.

    In this case, it is unfortunate that a lot of old prejudices exist down here in the South, and it is even more unfortunate that Craigslist allows the racists to operate in a semi-public setting.

    I’ve never been a proponent of government-established censorship, but I have always been a *huge* proponent of privately-established censorship. Just look at AD. Use the ‘n’ word in the fashion that is acceptible at Craigslist on AD and you’ll quickly find yourself warned and if you keep it up you will quickly progress to the moderation queue, suspension, and eventual banning.

    We have taken responsibility for our own website, and Craig should do the same for his.

    Thanks for the comment, Boyd!


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