Google, we have a problem.

Step 1. Go to Google.
Step 2. Type the word “search” as your search term.
Step 3. Perform your search.

You’ll note that Google itself is listed third, behind MSN and This shows one of the problems that Google has been having for several years now, oh, since right around when they went public:

Google’s search is going downhill.

Let’s get a real-world equivalent here.

You go to McDonalds. You say, “I’d like a burger please.” After looking for the generic “burger” picture for what seems like an eternity, the genius behind the counter gives you a distant gaze and mumbles a nearly inaudible, “What type?” You say, “What kind do you have?” The distant gaze quickly transforms as the employee’s eyes slam to the back of their head in an almost audible fashion and then slowly roll back into a distant gaze. The employee says, “Well, you can get a Whopper, you can get a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, or you can get a Big Mac.” You say, “Whopper, please.” The employee wittily responds, “We ain’t got those, only Big Macs” Well then, genius, why did you list your competitors products ahead of you?

That is the same as Google search. If they can’t even get a search for “search” right and recommend their own product, then what are the chances of receiving accurate results for every other search you perform ?

Pretty slim if you ask me.

I can name only one other business that recommends its competitors above its own services: The US Postal Service. They put FedEx boxes right outside their door down here. Is Google becoming the USPS of online search?


2 thoughts on “Google, we have a problem.

  1. Oh, also please note that having the keyword in the URL (in this case, ‘search’) carries much more weight in Google’s own system than having the keyword in the page description or within the body of the page. Very interesting.


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