Tony, Tony.

Heard tonight spilling out of the mouth of ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football (from memory so it may be slightly off):

“Most 40 year old Americans first heard of Mountain Time as a result of the Denver Broncos and Mile High City.”

Uhhh…. what?

Tony obviously has very little clue when it comes to time, and cannot comprehend simple concepts like “time to shut your mouth” and “time to hang it up.”

My prediction is that Tony doesn’t make it back to the booth next season. We’ll see if I’m right.


5 thoughts on “Tony, Tony.

  1. If it was a nickname or an inside joke or whatever it was, he came off as insulting to everyone who was not ‘in’ on the joke. We are all aware of Mountain Time and we are all aware of Denver. We were not all aware of Tony Kornheiser, however, whom I had never heard of before his role on Monday Night Football.

    I don’t know this guy’s background nor do I care; all I know is that he has a national audience now, so the inside jokes need to be reset.

    And for the video, there should be criminal charges filed against the players and expulsions handed down. The person calling the play should be fired, and the school should sue him personally for defaming and damaging the reputation of the school and, if a public university, the state.


  2. Actually, Tony Kornheiser is a total ass. When the Superbowl came to Jacksonville, he went out of his way to insult our fair city, discussing everything from “no place decent to eat”, to “who designed the roads in this town”. People were completely stunned. Here’s J’ville’s first to chance to really shine on a national stage, and this Kornheiser dolt goes off! Everyone that attended the Super Bowl that year talked about how great it was! In fact, plans were immediately begun to bring the game BACK to Jacksonville as a result. I had the distinguished pleasure of meeting Joe Montana that week, and we got to talking. He was very nice, and asked about Jacksonville, how long I’d lived here, and the like. At one point he talked about how much he and his wife were enjoying their stay, and how they thought they’d vacation here again in the future. After that experience I decided that Kornheiser needed to be on my “ignore” list. And now he is.

  3. Uh– look out! DrDoom has ventured past the RadioShack post and onto the rest of the blog!

    DrDoom, I’m originally from Chicagoland. Last week when the Bears were on Monday Night Football, Kornheiser went from being a Bears supporter to a Cardinals supporter and back again at least 20 times. Even his booth-mates(?) were making fun of him.

    For the next two days after the game, the top radio show in Chicago (Roe Conn on WLS-AM) basically echoed the sentiments posted here: Who is this guy? Why did he get the job? Is he really as big of an idiot as he comes off? And again, who is this guy?

    BTW, I didn’t realize you were in JAX. I’m just a short trip away up here in SAV. We’re close enough that you might be able to hear all the gunshots if you listen hard enough.

    I’ve been here since 2001, and haven’t yet made it to JAX (or FL even). I’m sure I’ll visit your fair city eventually. Savannah doesn’t always attract the music acts that I like (blues), or if they do attract them it is not often enough.

    Plus, airfare is usually cheaper out of JAX, and if you can’t tell, I’m about as cheap as they come!


  4. btw, I recently heard that the NFL has not plans to bring the Super Bowl back to Jax until they get some things sorted out. A lot of the people that came to town were a bit irritated that there wasn’t quite enough hotels in the city to have the game there.

    Hey, don’t kill the messenger. : )

    Tony is co-host of Pardon the Interruption which is probably EPSN’s best show beside SportsCenter. This propelled him into the Monday Night gig.

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