Earth to Drudge

Earth to Drudge:

1. You shouldn’t put a story up at the top of your site in big red letters only to completely remove the story and all references to it from your site and your archive. If it was featured, even if only for a day, it belongs in the archive. Well, unless the administration asks you to remove it I guess. (the story about the internet radio host who seemingly made some very unwise calls to action)

2. Articles that sat in the far right column on the page for over a day should not be re-promoted to the top headline (right below the advertisement that I block) come Monday. (the articles about President Bush on the campaign trail attempting to save his precious majority)

3. You shouldn’t skip a story just because it reveals massive holes in the administrations #1 issue, “homeland” security. (the one about the idiot who made a boarding pass generator for an airline).

That is all.

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