Yeah, it’s been a while. Tough. :P

So I’ve noted a few of what I’m calling “Southernisms” over the last few days, and finally have a moment to put them to paper… err… whatever the hell you call this.

Buggy – This is the wheeled basket you push around the grocery store and fill with food items. Up north this is called a cart.

Cart – This is your trash can– the one you take to the curb every week. Up north this is called a trash can or a garbage can.

Lane – This is the shared drive behind your house. Up north this is called an alley.

I find it very odd that they call a trash can a cart. I find it also very odd that they call a grocery cart a buggy. It is not a buggy. A buggy is a covered wagon-type vehicle that is most often pulled by horses, and certainly not allowed in a grocery store.

As for lane, I assume it is just easier for the people to spell than “alley.”

More to come as they present themselves.


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