US Attempts to Improve Image

We’ve all read that the US image overseas has been deteriorating (Article: U.S. image sharply worsens: BBC poll).

Now, I totally agree that our image is the most important thing, and I am all for increasing taxes or doing whatever it takes to make sure that other people like us.

But, I’m not too sure what to think about this…

New York (Reuters) – School children, celebrities, and members of the media gathered today as the Department of the Interior presented the new look of liberty for the 21st Century to a delighted crowd. An attempt to improve America’s image abroad, the new trimmed-down Lady Liberty sports a more modelesque waistline and an expanded bust.

Visitors have expressed a wide range of thoughts on the new look.

“I think she’s hot,” said Joseph Anderson, a seventh grader visiting the statue on a field trip from Oak Middle School. “I’m definitely putting her on my MySpace so my friends can see too.” A fellow student, seventh grader Elizabeth Wilson, said, “She’s like a much better role model now that she’s like skinny and normal like the people on like TV.”

A spokesman for the US Department of Interior when asked of the importance of the makeover, went on record stating that “(the statue) makeover comprises our entire Improved Image Initiative, aimed at making the United States appear cooler to the rest of the world.” She went on to state that, “If we want to improve our image, this course of action provides the best chance for success.”

President of obesity awareness group Obesity is Average Patricia Cartwright expressed concern. “The Statue of Liberty stood as an example to obese women for over three hundred years, and now us obese women are lost in the dark.” She added, however, that she prefers the new menu at the snack bar.

Judge for yourself in the following before and after photos of the statue:

Before After

Before After

Energy Policy Flaw #13423

President Bush today signed executive order #13423, directing federal agencies to lead our energy conservation efforts by example.

He then boarded Marine One, a Sikorsky helicopter with an average fuel consumption of 162 gallons per hour, or a gallon every 23 seconds.

He departed Marine One and boarded Air Force One, a Boeing 747-200B which burns about 2,750 gallons per hour, or a gallon about every three-quarters of a second.

He arrived in Delaware, 94 miles away, to espouse the virtues of energy conservation. In particular, fuel consumption and conservation topped the list.

Am I the only one who sees the flaw in this logic?

/edit: I cited the wrong ExO number

America’s Debate Radio State of the Union Show

On this Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007, America’s Debate Radio will be celebrating its first anniversary. 52 shows in 52 weeks. Over 150 hours of broadcast time. Hundreds of phone calls. Thousands of downloads.

Jaime and I will host a special edition of America’s Debate Radio to coincide with the 2007 State of the Union Address. We will be simulcasting the address, and opening the phone lines to take your calls as soon as the president is finished. The America’s Debate Chat Room should be hopping, and hopefully the phone lines will be packed as well.

Click the graphic below for more details:

State of the Union Live Chat and Online Radio Broadcast