John McCain: No shot at the presidency

So John McCain is again running for president.

For those of you politics junkies (like me), you will recall that McCain lost the 2000 Republican nomination to our current president, then mostly unknown except to sports fans and reformed hard drinkers. McCain did fairly well, but second place is the same as last place in terms of a presidential nomination.

Now McCain again thinks he has a shot at winning the Republican nomination for president. For some reason he has convinced himself that enough people think he best represents the Republican party. Well, McCain is going to lose, and I’m going to tell you why.

I can sum it up with one word: AGE.

John McCain was born on August 29, 1936. That means that he is currently 70 years old. If he were to win the presidency, he would be 72 when he theoretically took office. That means that he would be 80 when he leaves office, or earlier if mother nature were to intervene. 80!

At the time of his inauguration he would be the oldest president ever to take the oath of office, beating Reagan by 3 years.

I think that America is well past the age of geriatric presidents.

We don’t want a president who is old enough to have grandchildren who are old enough to be president.

We don’t want a president who is one slip-and-fall, hip replacement, and infection away from Amendment the 25th.

We don’t want a president who has spent over two and a half decades in Washington with no breaks to live as a private citizen under the laws he has created.

Senator McCain, give it up. It is time to allow the sunset provision on your political career to take effect. Retire and enjoy the years you have left.

And do it now, while you still have a chance at retiring with dignity.


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