Winamp, Setpoint, Logitech S510, Delta 66, and Volume

I have a Logitech S510 keyboard/mouse setup. It’s pretty nice. It has all sorts of fancy pants multimedia keys and reprogrammable keys. I like it.

But, I also have a fancy pants soundcard– an M-audio Delta 66 to be precise. This soundcard doesn’t use the normal Windows audio mixer. It instead uses a special audio mixer provided as part of the drivers.

For some reason, the M-audio mixer doesn’t respond to standard multimedia keys, probably because the mixer is a bit more complicated than a simple level slider. So, getting the volume controls on the keyboard to control the volume on my system was an impossibility.

I decided to go for the next best solution: Reprogram the keyboard to control WinAmp directly. Here’s how I did it.

I assume you have Setpoint (the Logitech drivers) installed and functioning. Now you need to install a program called UberOptions, which allows you a lot of flexibility to reprogram the multimedia keys. Hear over to this page and download and install UberOptions.

Once that is installed, head into Setpoint. Click My Keyboard and then scroll to the bottom of the list of available keys. You will see a Plus, a Minus, and a Mute key.

Click on the Plus key, and then on the right side click Other and then Select Function. Scroll to Keys:F15. Repeat the process for the Minus key, assigning it to Keys:F13. Repeat one more time for Mute, assigning it to Keys:F14. Apply the changes and you’re done with Setpoint.

Now we have to setup Winamp. First, we have to add mute hotkey functionality to Winamp (can you believe it’s not included?), so click here to download the Winamp Mute Hotkey.

Now open up Winamp, and click Options -> Preferences -> Global Hotkeys. I like to delete all of the extra hotkeys that I don’t specifically program myself, so go ahead and do that if you want.

Now it is just a matter of using your multimedia keys as the global hotkey commands in Winamp. Select Playback: Volume Up and click in the hotkey field. Push the Volume Up key on your keyboard, and then Add. It should assign it keystroke 0×660000. Repeat for Playback: Volume Down (0×640000) and Playback: Mute (0×650000).

Close the preferences, and you should be all set. Your volume keys on your keyboard will now control the volume in Winamp.


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