Well, I ordered some new pans. I don’t really need them. I already have a really nice stainless steel set that I use 99% of the time, and I have a few non-sticks that are occasionally a good option. But, the price was too good to pass up.

I ended up picking up a 10″ skillet to replace the aging skillet that I must have bought at least 8 years ago. I also got a 5.5 quart saucier pan, and a ridiculously-cheap butter melting pan. Here they are:

Farberware Millennium 10-Inch Nonstick Skillet
Farberware Millennium 10-Inch Nonstick Skillet

Yep, it’s a skillet. My current favorite skillet is also a Farberware, and it looks remarkably similar. I bought it on clearance from Kmart in the 90s for something like $10. It has lasted years and years, and only now are the rivets starting to loosen a bit. I expect this new skillet to be pretty nice. And judging by how often I will use it (not very), it should last a long time.

Farberware Millenium 5.5-Quart Open Saucier
Farberware Millennium 5.5-Quart Open Saucier

Saucier? Never heard of it. But for the price, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been trying to learn how to make different sauces lately, so this pan should work pretty well. It’s big, no doubt about that, but it should be fun to play with. I’ll have to get a plastic whisk, though, so I don’t scrape the non-stick off.

Farberware Specialties Butterwarmer
Farberware Specialties Butterwarmer

Butterwarmer? O…k…a…y… But again, the price was right. Jaime and I eat crab fairly regularly, so this should come in handy for melting butter. This pan seems just small enough that there will be a thousand uses for it, and the pour spout should be pretty convenient.

So, how much did I pay? Well, it was a good deal.

Skillet: $18.99+ ($59 list)
Saucier: $8.99 + ($67 list)
Butter: $5.99 + ($15 list)
Discount: $10.00 -
Total: $23.97 ($141 list)

All that and they’re shipping it for free.

So if you believe their list prices, I’m looking at a total savings of $117.03, or 83%. I’m apparently saving nearly 5 times what I ended up paying for these three pans.

Not a bad deal. :)

2 thoughts on “Cookware

  1. Well, it took them two weeks, but Amazon canceled my skillet. BOO AMAZON. YOU SUCK.

    I’m canceling the butter warming pan– it was only a filler item.

    I am very disappointed that Amazon– a huge company with a huge technology budget– is unable to perform simple and essential business functions, that being maintaining accurate and honest stock levels.

    I’m so sick of companies that backpedal from their obligations due to technological incompetency.


  2. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I just spent 36 minutes on the phone with Amazon trying to get this order straight.

    It started when they sent me an email saying that the butter warmer shipped. OK, fine. I tried to cancel it since I really ordered it as filler, but they were more interested in sending me a form letter and a $5 gift certificate for canceling my skillet than they were interested in canceling the butter warmer pan.

    So they send me the email about the butter warmer pan: $5.99 + $5.58 shipping = $11.57.

    Huh? They are charging me shipping when I chose free super saver shipping, and they failed to include the pro-rated portion of my $10 discount for ordering $25 or more of Farberware open stock.

    So, I use their nifty little callback setup. It’s pretty slick. You put in a phone number, and they call you right away.

    Well, I explain the situation to the lady, and she apparently misunderstands my request, which was simple:

    I wanted a $5.58 credit for the shipping, and the portion of the $10 discount I was owed. I did the math: $5.99 divided by $33.97. The butter warmer accounted for 17.6% of my order, so I should get 17.6% of the $10 discount I was due.

    So, doing the math:

    They charged me $11.57 for the butter warmer. Subtract the $5.58 shipping I wasn’t supposed to pay. We’re now at $5.99, the cost of the pan. Subtract 17.6% of the $10 discount I was due ($1.76 for those who can’t do math at a 4th grade level), and we’re left with $4.23. That should be my total cost on the pan. Subtract $4.23 from what I was charged– $11.57– and we’re left with $7.34. That should be my credit– $7.34.

    After explaining the situation countless times, and after holding twice, I just couldn’t get it through to her. She wanted to credit me $12.57, which is $1 more than I was charged. She wanted to pay me $1 to take the pan that I didn’t even want and only ordered as filler anyway.

    At one point during the call, she asked how much the credit should be. I said $7.34. She said they would credit me $7.34. I asked her to break down the credit to make sure she knew what she was crediting. She had no idea. It was absolutely unreal.

    At another point she again asked me how much the credit should be. She said that she would credit me the amount I said I was due. I told her I was due $5,000. Hah!

    Anyway, Amazon, you suck, bigtime. You need to get your system in order. You made a huge mess out of my order by shipping it in separate shipments, by canceling items off the order, and by misapplying the promotion that you offered me to begin with.

    I should not have to spend 36 minutes on the phone to get you to credit me the proper amount.



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