American Standard

I love being able to blog about companies that do right, instead of perpetually complaining about companies that do wrong.

Today’s subject is American Standard. They manufacture bathroom and kitchen products, like sinks and faucets.

Last spring, after a major plumbing incident that involved water from our toilet being forcefully ejected out of the bowl in what can only be described as a geyser, Jaime and I decided it was time to renovate the bathroom. Of course, making the decision, buying the materials, and doing the work are three separate and increasingly difficult steps.

I was at Home Depot last spring, about 10 months ago, and saw a pedestal sink that was perfect for our bathroom. It is an American Standard Ravenna, quite a nice sink. It was on closeout for a ridiculously low price ($87.71 total), so I had to get it.

Flash forward to this past weekend, and Jaime and I are finally out buying all the materials to do the bathroom. It’s a really small bathroom– only 8ft by 2.5ft– so the total budget is going to end up around $650. The only recycled item from the bathroom will be the toilet, a massive beast of a thing that was originally manufactured in the 1950s. Everything else will be brand new.

So, I’m going through all of the instructions for all of the stuff for the bathroom, and I find there are parts missing for the sink. It is missing two “well nuts,” which are rubber sleeves with brass nuts inserted in them. They are used to attach the towel bar to the bottom of the sink.

I checked out American Standard’s website, and found they had no online contact mechanism. No big deal– I would rather that most companies take American Standard’s route and just not correspond via email than to send me generic form email that do not even address my questions, like Home Depot does (boo Home Depot– your online service stinks!).

I called American Standard, and spoke with a pleasant man named Mike. I explained that I purchased the sink, but seemed to be missing two “well nuts” and all four screws needed to secure the towel bar to the sink. Mike said he wasn’t sure if they had the individual parts, and would have to send a whole kit.

He asked to put me on hold while he investigated. He came back on the line and informed me that he had located the parts, and that they had a bunch of them. He said he would mail them out to me right away, free of charge. I gave him my contact info, and that was it. The parts are on the way.

So, American Standard– thanks. I appreciate your willingness to send out missing parts, and I appreciate the excellent service I received. It makes me even more comfortable that I purchased an American Standard faucet, at a premium price over the other faucets available, and makes it even more likely that I will purchase another American Standard faucet to replace the leaking piece of junk we have in the other bathroom.

American Standard = good company in my eyes.


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