Public Opinion Surveys

Note to public opinion survey companies:

Whey you call me, more often than not I am happy to complete your surveys.

However, my first question is always, “What is the name of your firm, what is your website address, and what is a callback number I may use to contact you in the future?”

If you fail to answer any of the three, I simply will not take part in your survey. There’s no need to be rude to me when I refuse, and there is no need to hang up on me while I explain that all reputable and credible survey companies are willing to provide this information.

Additionally, if your call comes up as “Unknown name/Unknown number,” then I instantly think you are a fraud.

When I have been polled by Gallup in the past, the CallerID data clearly says “Gallup” and lists a callback number. That is how it should be.

Otherwise, there is a high likelihood that you are on a phishing expedition for my information, and you will not get anything voluntarily.

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