How to Search for Creative Commons Music, for all of its good qualities, is lacking in one major, major department: Their search is crap.

The main options are Band, Song, and CD. The sub-options are named like…, from the city or state of…, in this musical sub-genre…, sounding like the band…, or influenced by the band….

What is missing? The option to search by license. You cannot search for music only released under the Creative Commons license. This is a huge problem, and one that is easily solved.

It is a huge problem because folks like me– who want to play Creative Commons music on their online radio show– have no choice but to manually visit every page on the entire site just to find the insanely small amount of Creative Commons music that they actually host. This deprives up-and-coming bands the opportunity to achieve airtime and increased exposure simply because their music cannot be easily located.

The solution is a check box that allows people to search only Creative Commons music, which in turn makes minimal changes to the query that actually powers their search. I’ve emailed them to tell them as much. Their response is the typical form-mail crap that you would expect, e.g. “We’ve forwarded this to our development team for consideration.”

So for those of you who are looking for Creative Commons music at, here is your solution: Click this link.

Yeah, it’s a Google search. It restricts the results to pages at It requires that the URL either contains “artist” (pages for artists that releases under the Creative Commons license) or “song” (songs released under the Creative Commons license). And lastly, it requires that pages contain the words “Creative” and “Commons.”

Simple. Functional. And waaaaaaaaaaay better for finding Creative Commons songs on than anything offers.

You’re welcome.

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