So I’m sitting here this morning at about 11:30, simultaneously helping two different customers and working on a coding project, all with literally three hours of sleep.

My neighbors had hired a tree service to come out and trim a tree above their driveway that happened to be sitting on our roof. Good news for me, right?

I’m hearing all sorts of noises as they trim the tree and pull it off our roof. Bangs and scratches and scrapes. And then…


I head out into the hall to see what broke.

I look down to the bottom of the stairs to see a 5″ thick limb sticking about a foot into my house and glass all over the place!

Damn it.

Luckily it’s an old window with a single pane of glass, and so fixing it will be as simple as caulking, putting the glass up, and putting on new molding.

I was a little mad at first, but I think that was just the three hours of sleep. These guys were here to trim a tree, not break my windows. As long as they fix it, it’s no big deal.

So my kitties are locked up in the bedroom for the day while I await the crew’s return with a new piece of glass.

I just thought I’d share.

One thought on “Grrr.

  1. Ugh. So they came out and put in new glass. It’s not seated right, the trim is half missing, and the trim is brown instead of white. They couldn’t find a screen. They had no tools.

    I told them to send out a real glass guy to get it done right– replace the pane and the trim so it is at least the same color, or replace the whole window.

    I’d hate to have them replace the whole window because it is really a piece of crap and they shouldn’t have to pay to replace the whole thing, but hey– I didn’t break it, and I didn’t hire them. They need to get it back to at least the same condition, if not better.


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