Update on VadixBot

Some of you may have read my previous entry on VadixBot called VadixBot – Look out!.

Here’s an update.

Apparently VadixBot is still at it. They still don’t have a website, and there is still very little information about them online.

The update is that they are now using different IP addresses. I suggest you block the following from accessing your resources:

To whoever owns VadixBot– please stop being such a bad Internet neighbor. You are very annoying.

3 thoughts on “Update on VadixBot

  1. Hello Mike,

    I have detected the VadixBot on one of my sites as well. I am wondering if you e-mailed the abuse@rr.com address and if you had any response.



  2. The “VadixBot” hit me with it’s totally unacceptable behavior from just now. Which is why I search for it and found this page. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t really care, it’s probably worthless. I just -j DROP the now.

  3. Vadixbot have visit my site too with exactly these three ip addresses. I have not seen anything bad about it yet but fun to know what it does.

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