MSNBC’s “Green is Universal” week

I watch MSNBC not because I like it, but I see it as the presidential-election equivalent of news networks: The lesser of the evils. I can’t stand Fox news– too much opinion for me. And I can’t stand CNN– no in-depth coverage. So I watch MSNBC

This week, MSNBC has been running a “Green is Universal” week, where they are trying to convince us of the position that they have taken: we need to be more environmental conservation.

Besides the fact that they have taken a clear position on what is currently a heavily-disputed and loosely-proven political issue, here’s what annoys me: They are not practicing what they are preaching.

Today as I watched, they did their stories about being “green.” In the background of the shot, there are no less than nine large-screen televisions up on the wall. OK, fine, they need to monitor the news. If that is the case, why mount the televisions way above their employee’s heads? Oh yeah, because those televisions are decorations, meant to be part of the set, and serving no legitimate purpose besides eye candy.

They are not practicing what they are preaching.

During an interview with a correspondent, Contessa Brewer and the correspondent were talking about how the network was “paperless” for a day. Pan out leading to break, and what do you see? Yeah, that’s right, multiple stacks of paper on Contessa Brewer’s desk.

The other thing that is driving me nuts: Fact checking has taken a break this week. Reporting quality is also way, way down.

Earlier today, one of their Weather Channel correspondents, in reference to junk mail, said that 100,000,000 trees– yes, one hundred million trees– are used to make the junk mail that we all receive in our mailboxes.

First, according to whom?

Second, what is the frequency? Is it 100 million trees per femtosecond, or since the advent of junk mail?

Those are two key pieces of information that should have been included in a story that is being used to try to influence social change upon the masses.

All in all, MSNBC has failed.

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