Good Companies: BSWUSA, Symetrix

Time for another entry in my “Companies: Good & Bad” category.

Today’s Good Companies are Broadcast Supply Worldwide and Symetrix.

First, the setup. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Symetrix 302 used off of Ebay. I got a heck of a deal– about $75 delivered for a $280 Made in America microphone preamp. I’ll be using it for America’s Debate Radio for Jaime‘s and my microphones.

The unit I purchased is in good shape overall, but it was missing something called “Euroblock connectors.” They’re not essential for the unit’s operation, but I can definitely envision a time when I will be using them. I searched high and low for a company that carried the connectors, and couldn’t find them anywhere. As a last resort, I emailed Symetrix.

About four and a half hours later, I received an email back from someone at Symetrix named Mark. He gave me the part number for the connectors, and referred me to three different online merchants that would be able to special order the parts for drop shipment directly from Symetrix. Now that was nice– a same-day response on a request from a gear manufacturer, and it wasn’t even a form letter. Few and far between are companies that personally respond to email.

So, of the three recommended companies, I chose to contact BSW for the parts for two reasons: 1. They had the other items that I needed, a rack-mount tray for my 302, and a blank filler panel to make the rack -mounted 302 look complete, and they had them at a great price. And 2., I have been on the BSWUSA mailing list for some time, and have never ordered from them.

I sent an email to BSW on Tuesday night, and received an email back on Wednesday morning from Jamie at BSW indicating that he would be happy to put together a quote for me. I contacted him back the same day with the information that he requested from me.

Jamie contacted Symetrix about getting the Euroblock connectors, and sent me an email back on Thursday. Symetrix offered, if I ordered the rack and the panel, that they would throw in the Euroblock connectors free of charge. Yes, that’s right– free of charge. He sent me a PDF quote a couple of hours later, and told me that I could call him and place my order.

Jamie went above and beyond what is expected by contacting the Symetrix and getting them to throw the connectors in for free, and was refreshingly prompt in his responses to my requests. He even gave me a discount off of the regular listed prices on the rack and the panel, which is very much appreciated for a website/radio show that has an extremely limited budget.

I called Jamie, and he answered his phone right away– no “push 1 for this, push 2 for that” as one would expect for most companies. I gave him my credit card information, and the order placement was completed within minutes of my calling. From the time I hung up the phone and walked back upstairs to my computer, I had received an email confirmation for my order.

Service like this from Jamie at BSW is surprising. I’ve looked at BSW’s radio catalog. They sell items that cost more than my car, such as broadcast consoles about which I can only dream, or drool. But my order– my measly little order– was for less than $50, not a significant amount for a company that sells individual items that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. I can only imagine the service that would be offered if I were ordering a full studio!

So to summarize for those who are considering ordering from BSW, or purchasing Symetrix products– do it. You won’t regret it. You’ll get top-notch service, prompt responses, and have an amazingly pleasant experience.

Bravo BSW and Symetrix!

3 thoughts on “Good Companies: BSWUSA, Symetrix

  1. Mike;

    I was out and about surfing the web this evening and I happened upon your blog. I wanted to thank you for such a nice review of your experience with BSW and your sales rep Jamie. Also, kudos to Symetrix. We have been a dealer for them for over 22+ years and they are absolute first class.

    We are grateful for your business and delighted to have you as a BSW customer!

    Kindest Regards;

    Tim Schwieger
    BSW President

  2. Hi Tim!

    How cool is that? I’m glad you stumbled upon my post. I really was impressed with BSW, and will definitely order from you again in the future.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. Mike,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to express your gratitude. At the end of a long day it’s a treat for me to hear that our Symetrix people and the great folks at BSW are still working so well together to serve our customers – as Tim points out – for over 22 years! (OK Tim, you win the ‘I can count the years better than you contest’.)

    Dane Butcher
    Symetrix, Inc.

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