You know what makes me mad?

You know what makes me mad?

Littering, that’s what. I hate people that litter. Whether it’s throwing trash out your car window, or setting a coffee cup on the ground and walking away.

Earlier today, I was in Johnson Square, parked behind a news car from WTOC TV. There was a protest by some pro-union activists going on about a block away, and the news crew was there to cover the events.

As I sat in my car, I watched a female reporter for WTOC smoke a cigarette next to the car as the cameraman gathered equipment in preparation of covering the demonstration.

As soon as the cameraman was done gathering equipment, the reporter threw her lit cigarette on Congress Street, and she and the cameraman headed to the demonstration.

Come on now! If you work for a media outlet in a city as beautiful as Savannah, you should not litter. I repeat, you should not litter.

I emailed the reporter as well as her boss, and suggested that she be assigned to a community interest story involving pickup up trash on Congress Street and in Johnson Square. She can point out the no-less-than two trash cans that are in Johnson Square, funded and maintained by property tax payers like me. She can point out that disposing of trash on the street makes the street look trashy. And she can get dirty picking up cigarette butts thrown on the street by her fellow litterers.

In summary, don’t litter. And especially don’t litter if you are at work, standing next to a car that has a big logo of your employer on the back.

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