Two new toys

Greetings readers. I’ve got a couple of new toys that I’d like to tell you about.

My birthday was this past October, and the money that I was kindly given as gifts had been burning a hole in my pocket, so I finally spent it. Here’s what I bought:

Epiphone Valve Junior Head

What is it? It’s a guitar amplifier, an Epiphone Valve Junior. It’s a 5-watt all-tube Class A tube amplifier. As stock, it’s a pretty good little amp. Once I do some modifications to it (add a tone control, voice it as a Fender-style amp, remove the negative feedback, and possibly replace the output transformer), it will sound a lot bigger, badder, and better than the $130 price tag suggests. Of course, I didn’t spend $130 on it– I paid an even $104 after applying a 20% off coupon that Musician’s Friend sent me.

The second new toy was purchased with money that our families were nice enough to give to Jaime and me for Christmas. Here it is:

Alesis M1 Active 520

Actually we got two, obviously. They are Alesis M1 Active 520 studio monitors. These are inexpensive studio monitors that, in comparison to big monitors, are toys. But for us, they represent a huge increase in fidelity and accuracy compared to our old craptastic Altec Lansing 221 setup.

They ‘re only $200 at most retailers, and there is currently a $25 rebate on them. Of course, I used my coupon, so I paid $160, and after the rebate they’ll come out to $135– certainly a bargain.

For those of you who value quality audio and for those of you who have crappy satellite/subwoofer speaker setups on your computers, I highly recommend these. The difference in accuracy between these and just about any computer-aimed speaker product is astounding.

That’s all for now. I’d write much more, but I happen to have a broken finger that is basically making typing a one-hand adventure.


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