AT&T Sucks

Since my “sucks” posts tend to be popular, and since in my opinion AT&T does in fact suck, I figured I would take this opportunity to explain the latest reason why AT&T sucks.

Not too long ago, the federal government rolled over to AT&T and allowed them to take over Bell South, our local phone service provider in the area. With Bell South, we had 7 years of flawless telephone service. Not a single outage. Now, with AT&T, we have had two outages in the last month or two.

Granted, some outages are unavoidable. Bad weather happens. Today, for example. We had major storms pass through, and our phone service went out. In fact, it is still out. And according to AT&T, it will be repaired sometime between now and 7:00PM tomorrow– more than a full 24 hours from now and a full 28 and a half hours from when we first realized our phone service was out. AT&T claims that the outage was related to two tornadoes in the area, one which was over 15 miles away in Pooler, and one that was out on the islands. Neither touched down, mind you, nor were they even confirmed as having been tornadoes. They were just clouds up in the sky with circular motion. Clearly we all understand how that impacts local phone service.

Anyway, the phones are out and we’re missing calls. My dad is in town and wanted to make dinner arrangements. I missed that call, and so there is no shot that we’ll get in to the restaurant where we wanted to eat. I also missed a call from Jaime, who was at work and needed a ride home. What other calls did I miss? I don’t know, and likely never will, unless the caller decides to call back tomorrow after 7PM.

So I look at my AT&T account online to see how I can activate my call forwarding to forward all home calls to my Skype number. I have something called “Complete Choice,” which basically means I pay an exorbitant rate for my phone service in exchange for every feature they offer with the exception of voicemail. Looking over the features offered, I see that “remote access to call forwarding” is not activated on my account, even though it would cost me nothing to have it activated.

So, I call AT&T.

The first agent I spoke with, someone named Emma Smith (yeah right), was in Argentina. In order to access my records, I needed to give her the last four digits of my social security number. Yes, I had to give private details to an operator in a foreign country, for my privacy. If that isn’t an oxymoronic policy, I don’t know what is. Emma Smith said she enabled the “remote access to call forwarding” on my account, and I would receive the required PIN and access telephone number in the mail within two business days. OK, so obviously that doesn’t help me. The phone will be fixed within that time.

I ask for a supervisor to see if this can be pushed through. She says her supervisor, Mark Nizzo, was in a meeting. That is customer service speak for “I don’t want to transfer you.” I dialed a toll free number, and as a result, I had no problem waiting on hold until the meeting was over. She said he was not available. I asked her if she wished to continue the lie that I believed she had told me, or if she would get a supervisor. She “transferred” me to someone else, and I was disconnected. Good. If all the idiots who work for AT&T in Argentina are as poor of listeners as Emma Smith, and if all the idiot AT&T employees in Argentina continually talked over their customers like Emma Smith, I didn’t want to talk to her supervisor anyway.

I called back. I want to be sure that “remote access to call forwarding” has been enabled on my account. Now I’m talking to some guy who clearly was a native Engish speaker. Now we’re making progress. Or so I thought.

It turns out that the guy I spoke to insisted that “remote access to call forwarding” was a subset of the voicemail package, which it clearly– according to the AT&T website– was not. He kept telling me that all I needed to do was pickup my phone, dial 72#, and follow the instructions. Yeah, I’m sure that is how regular call forwarding works. But, Earth to AT&T, dialing 72# does nothing when you have no freaking dialtone.

So he says he has never heard of the feature I am requesting. I read the product documentation from his own website. He still can’t find it. He puts me on hold, and says he found it. Apparently, he didn’t have access to that feature because I had regular call forwarding enabled on my account. Fine, I don’t care. Just enable it.

He says he is enabling it, and that, again, it would take two business days to get the information I need to use the service that I have been paying for for the better part of a decade. I ask for the number for top tier support, presidential support, executive level support– whatever they call it at AT&T. Every company, particularly a company with over 300,000 employees, has this level of support. It exists for customers like me, who have an unusual circumstance that requires a bending of the asinine corporate policy that is preventing them from offering quality, sane service. He’s never heard of it.

He claims he is enabling the feature because– surprise, surprise, surprise– Emma Smith didn’t enable it. So just a moment ago, I check my account online. It turns out that he did not enable the feature. He instead enabled “selective call forwarding,” which allows me to forward specific callers to a different number. Grr.

So now, I don’t have the feature I requested, I can’t enable it online, and I still don’t have home phone service.

Does AT&T deserve this post? Have they provided “outstanding customer service” as their customer service script offers? I think it’s pretty clear.

As soon as possible, I’ll be canceling my AT&T service. AT&T sucks.

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  1. Thanks for the comment, crash. I tried to go to that website, and it took forever to load. Doesn’t bode well for a telecom company. Plus, they seem to be long distance only. I’m perfectly happy with my long distance provider, and have been with them for about a decade. It’s my local service that is provided by AT&T, and sucks.


    Just as an update. Last night, I decided to call AT&T one more time to make sure the “remote access to call forwarding” was enabled on my line, considering their website did not list it on my change order.

    I called and immediately asked for a supervisor. The person on the line asked my details, asked why I needed a supervisor. I explained everything that had happened– how I had no home phone service for the second time in about a month, and how I had requested that they enable “remote access to call forwarding,” and about how in four phone calls, AT&T was unable to get my order right.

    The lady with whom I spoke was surprisingly friendly and helpful. She made sure that the order was placed properly. She also was able to perform what can only be described as a miracle. She personally setup my call forwarding so that calls to my home number were forwarded to my alternative number immediately. I wouldn’t have to wait 2 business days for a special phone number or a pin number in order to forward my dead phone line to another phone so I wouldn’t miss any more calls.

    At first she was unable to get it working, so she asked if she could call me back. Amazingly, she did in fact call me back. My alternative number (Skype) rang even though she dialed the dead home number. Miracle, I say!

    So, this morning at about 11:30, AT&T showed up and fixed my line. It’s fixed for now, until either another storm.

    I’m going to have to do a post about VoIP recommendations. I’ve got to rid myself of AT&T once and for all.


  2. AT&T Sucks! They are nothing but profit mongers that want to suck your wallet for all its worth. I have an Apple iPhone on a GoPhone pre-paid plan. I originally thought I would need a larger plan than the entry level, so I mistakenly went on their website and increased my plan to the big $69.99 plan. What a big mistake! I also made the mistake of setting up automatic payment. Their website is specifically geared towards the escalation of your obligations and does not allow you to decrease your plan (you must call them to do that). Also, you cannot drop automatic payment through their website, again you MUST call them to do that (and jump through a lot of hoops). I was a total idiot and allowed my account to accumulate to over $300 before I finally got off my butt, called them, and got my plan reduced. Now, I am going to lose about $60 because AT&T says they will no longer allow a balance of more than $250, so anything that you accumulate above $250, you lose. I cannot simply drop my monthly payment and have payments taken from my balance, they will not do that. If I drop the monthly payment, I will lose the entire $300+. This whole thing is a scam beyond belief. I am now starting a class action lawsuit campaign as I believe AT&T is in violation of some fundamental FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations with this practice. For anyone out there considering AT&T, any plan, Don’t, JUST DON’T DO IT!!! Trust me, you will be much happier anywhere else other than AT&T. Quit feeding these sharks!!! AT&T is just a thieving profiteer! Terrible service and even worse consumer traps!

  3. Hey Mike, unfortunately because of jobs being shipped overseas, when you call after hours you get some other country. The girl you got that actually helped you is a full time union dues paying individual who enjoys her job unlike the piece of crap from India or Argentina (same thing) you got.

  4. thanks for letting me vent on your blog about att. I wanted to downgrade my data plan to the plans I was offered when I bought the Palm Treo as well as I extended my contract 2 more bloody years. I am paying $39.99/month for unlimited data and 1500 text however I’m willing to go with little or no internet usage so I can cut down on costs and to not waste time on the slow internet connection and poor experience. I just spoke to an ATT rep who said that they don’t offer those programs anymore on PDA’s and the least expensive program is $34.99. Whoopdefrickendoo!! She suggested that if I want to save money on data plans that I go with an alternative phone. I just spent $300 on the Treo last year lady!! Let alone I would probably have to pay for a new phone unless I re-upped for another 2 bloody years with ATT – not!! Overall, this smells like a money grubbing scam and possibly illegal no less.

  5. I too have had nothing but problems since AT&T bought out BellSouth. My phone goes out constantly with no cause to the problem(i.e storms and such). I was told that the problem was in my inside line. Funny that I have NEVER had problems with my inside lines when BellSouth was our carrier. I did have one individual who said that there was no problem with my home line, that the problem was in the line outside, but where was a big problem since they buried the lines. Which I might add took up to a month. We had a large storm go through and knocked down a tree, which landed on the cable and phone lines. The lines laid across our backyard and drive way for a month. We were to scared to have the kids play out side, fear that they would get hurt or worse from these lines. They stated that they had to wait since the ground was so wet. We try to be as nice as we can to the men and women who do come out and help, I do not believe that it is thier fault that this company doesn’t care. I also would like to comment on how other companies have a place where you can complain about thier service yet AT&T has no such area. Plus trying to use their website requires a degree from MIT. I am so agravated with them, they can’t even get our cell phone billing correct, they constantly charge for internet use, we don’t have that feature on our cell. I too agree, they are a money grubbing company.

  6. I (and Verizon) closed my ATT long distance account last January. I paid my last ATT bill but ATT kept sending monthly bills. I called twice in Feb. & Mar. to tell them that I had Verizon long distance since Jan. 21. They have been calling and sending letters saying that I owe them for the bills in Feb. & Mar. I have told them many times that I didn’t have long distance with ATT then. When I would ask for a supervisor they would tell me that they do not have a supervisor.
    I am now receiving several calls per day from India using the 803-308-7402 or 843-308-7870 phone numbers. The people will ask for my name and then hang up. I know this is ATT because the ALL the billing people I’ve talked with are from India.

    I heard that one of the rants publishes numbers of ATT execs – Anybody point this out?

  7. I have to agree at&t definitely sucks and treats their customers like garbage.I have dsl express on my line and my broth lives in the same building in the downstairs apartment.He just got at&t dsl pro for $5 more,so I tried to upgrade mine.At first they said,we arent sure if we can upgrade your line to dsl pro,I told them its the same building and the same area code phone lines etc.So they said ok we can put an order in and let you know tuesday if we can.That was on thursday july 10.So Tuesday rolls around I call and after an hour on the phone I learned the `order` was misplaced and they can try again and let me know next Monday,the 21st.Also stated there are only so many dsl pro lines available.So I go to the website type in my city zip and # and it comes up I have dsl and click here to upgrade.I click the link it comes back and says I only `qualify` for a renewal at my present speed.After 3 or 4 years I dont qualify for decent service is what it is.I tried the chat now and the guy says he can only help with `new accounts`.I get it now,we already have you paying we dont need to do any more for you.Makes me feel great for sending them $80 or $90 a month for my phone bill.I think ill have to tell them Im going to cancel and go to cable internet or just do it.Did they learn this type of business management in the universities in this country?

  8. Yes At&t sucks and so do most the others, in America unless you can donate a million dollars to several congressmen the interests of the people are not protected,At&t can donate and get things their way.

    Monopoly = Low prices and Gov overlooking the way we were treated

    Breaking it up meant At&t could make more money and no Government overlooking them, so how did this help us?

    We live in a time where we pay fees on our bills even “Marketing Fees” and Fuel Fees, the cost of the businesses to operate, yea they have us pay for them to have the business I find that the strangest thing ever, I wish I could charge that way.

    We the People allowed this.

  9. I Hate ATT.. ATT is the worst Company in the Worlddddd .. they never fixed my internet after 10 daysssss! As sooon as possible im gonna cancel that… DOnt Get ATT
    ATT SUCKS AND they never Take Care of their Customersssss ..

  10. I moved to a new address last month and asked ATT to transfer my phone number to

    my new address. After moving, ATT claimed they had to give me a temporary number

    and proceeded to charge me for it and then charge me for CHANGING the temporary

    number to my old existing number. I’m not paying for something I didn’t ask for. I did

    NOT ask for the temporary number nor did I ask for a number change. I simply asked

    them to TRANSFER my existing number to a new address.

    That’s the first problem. The second problem is with the quad package I ordered. I

    ordered landline service, wireless cellphone service, dishnetwork tv, and DSL for about

    $180 a month. So far, ATT has billed me separately for the landline service and a

    whopping $343 for cellphone service that doesn’t even work half the time!!

    The third problem is that ATT is preventing my ISP from giving me the SAME EXACT DSL

    service I had before I ordered the quad package. After telling me I would have to pay a

    $100 deposit to get DSL, ATT cancelled the DSL part of the quad package and reduced

    it to a triad package so that I could continue with my ISP’s DSL service. But my isp says

    that ATT refuses to let them give me the DSL service I had before I moved. (My isp

    orders DSL through ATT.) ATT told my ISP that DSL wasn’t in my area even though I

    moved just two blocks away. I called ATT to ask why, and they said DSL IS indeed

    available in my area, that I don’t have to pay a $100 deposit anymore, and that they

    put in an order for me. I believe this violates FCC Rules since they are preventing my

    ISP from giving me service that i had and want to continue to use.

    I am not paying this outrageous bill. They’re charging me a month in advance for things

    I DON’T have, CAN’T use, and apparently CAN’T have.

    Whoever heard of a $343 cellphone bill?? I only had it since July 12th or something??

  11. I can attest to the fact that AT&T Sucks!!! Not only the service, but the reps do as well. They are inept, untrained, and would just as soon give their customers the run-around than actually be up-front and honest. Of course, where does that get a monopoly business? I cannot tell you how many times I called them to get a little info while trying to decide if I wanted an iPhone… asking them questions about rates, contracts, etc… and they referred me to Apple! Last I checked Apple wasn’t in charge of the rates and contracts…

    This is disappointing. If AT&T can’t inform me of the pricing… why in the world would I switch? Apparently from some of the comments I’ve seen online, I am much better off sticking with my current carrier. I have about 5-8 dropped calls ANNUALLY… I can’t see paying AT&T more money for worse service and customer no-service.

  12. AT&T completely SUCKS…..across the board. Here’s my saga….

    So, I had Internet DSL service with AT&T. It was horrible because my modem was out of date and failing. So, I asked for a new modem…they said ‘no’ unless I wanted to pay $100 for it. Didn’t want to do that…so, I switched my DSL to Earthlink. Then, because AT&T ‘owns’ the lines in to my condo, I find out that Earthlink can’t hook me up either.

    So, I call back AT&T to get hooked up with them again. I phone on a Saturday, and they tell me that I will be installed by Wednesday and that my kit will have arrived by then. Well, neither happened. So, now what? They tell me that it will be another week before I can get connected. Pathetic!!! But, what do you do if they have a monopoly?? Any ideas from anyone??

  13. I have purchased new phones that supposedly give rebates, but never do. And when you try to call to tell them you never received your rebate they give you a whole bunch of crap and never send it. It’s false advertising, they say something is gonna cost a certain amount after rebate, but you never get anything back. I don’t ever want to purchase things with rebates anymore.

  14. Please bring back Bell South and Cingular. I could not agree with you more this company is the pits when it comes to service. Each call you get a different response as to what is going on with your service. My phone stopped working Tuesday and I was told it would be fixed by Thursday and when I called Thursday night no one had any record of my problem but sad it would be fixed by the end of the day Friday. Friday night’s call to AT&T was another “we do not have any record but we will have someone call you by eight Saturday morning” and as you can guess, that did not happen either. AT&T please bring back our BellSouth and Cingular and go screw-up some other phone provider.

  15. I agree, life was great under Bell South and Cingular. Everything worked, I was never lied to and I paid for what I received. Without exaggeration, ever since AT&T took over every single install that they have been involved with has been a total and complete failure. From “Accidentally” reassigning 800 numbers to someone else to “Accidentally” reassigning new static IP addressed to just plain service outages. We have tested DSL lines and they are hardly ever what they are supposedly providing, instead they are usually half the speed or less. We are now actively encouraging customers to move DSL to cable providers and land line to VOIP (with free long dist.). I was in the telecom industry and it is embarrassing what AT&T represents.

  16. WOW the excellent service from AT&T still has my business down because of no service and they do not care. Please bring back Bellsouth and Cingular. Talk about being lied to, “Someone will call you back by 6:00 pm, never happened, “I will call you back today”, never happened, “Soneone will call you around 8:00 am, never happened, “your phone will be fixed within 24 hours”, never happened never was going to happen. Lies after lies but still no phone service. Thanks AT&T for nothing.

    CDS how can I find out more about VOIP?

    Thanks, T-Bone

  17. T-Bone, we partner with xpander communications (

  18. I use to work for AT&T and have seen first hand how bad of a company it truly is, even to its own employes. They start off with nothing but lies and it leads to hundreds of headaches. When i first went to apply they made it sound like the greatest company in the world, promising things like tuition reimbursement, great chances to move up, and all kinds of employee disconnects and what not. Of coarse, like any other job i have applied for in the past, they stated all the pros and none of the cons. To be honest i only signed up for the tuition reimbursement. Shortly after leaving my other job and starting at AT&T i found out that nothing they had stated was true. They informed us that the tuition reimbursement, which we had been told we would get, was only for employees who had been with the company for over 6 months. Then we were told that due to contracts they did not offer tuition reimbursement to our department. Everyone who had gone to their job fairs and read about the job online had seen that they posted tuition reimbursement as one of they’re selling points. Well we got fu**ed on that one.
    To make things worst I had already gone to apply for a cellphone line due to we had been told we would receive 15% off the monthly bill. For the first few months i did see a some what discount, but then about 3 months into the contract i started noticing all kinds of charges. I called in to investigate and was told that since i lived near a U.S./Mexico boarder that if i drove too close to the boarder that at times my cell phone would start using towers from mexican providers. They gave me a $30 credit and i was informed to call if i ever noticed it again. Well.. the credit never applied to my bill and the charges continued. I called back and ever time i tried to fight it they told me that their systems told them i was within mexico and that they would not fix the charges. Now i haven’t even paid my bill to protest the damn charges, if they want the money that bad then maybe they should use that extra money i’m paying to fix this issue. After all, in a city with over a million people, i bet i’m not the only one who has had this issue.
    Not only is their wireless service shitty but i know first hand that both their dish and internet services are shit as well. I worked for the DSL department and saw how bad it truly is. THe sales department would sell customers anything without asking a question or even listing to the customer.
    Once i had a customer who had been sold the highest dsl speed and all the bells and what not that they could throw in. THe 1st thing the customer asked me was if she needed a phone jack because she had told the sales rep several times that she had just bought this home and it didn’t have any phone jacks in it. The sales rep told her she could do it wirelessly and sent her all the equipment. Everyday i would get at least 4 or 5 customers whom had been lied or cheated in some way.
    IF they weren’t cheated they would be told that their service would be up and running a week or two after ordering it. If this were true then i don’t think i would have had a job their. The company would tell us that 90% of orders where completed on time and only 10% had to get additional work done. I seriously got hundreds of thousands of customers who’d been told such a lie and ended up having to wait up to a month or a month and a half to get service. At times they would even be told that the issue was been worked on and then after weeks of nothing being done they would inform the customer that service was avaliable in their area. My uncle was on of those people. I as an employee had to have 3 techs come out to try to fix my internet, it to them 4 weeks to set it up.
    I bet i could go on for hours about things all the things i have seen first hand from this company, but to save you time and headaches all you should know is that AT&T cares more about getting your money than getting you any kind of service. DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT TRUST THEM!

  19. well, if their service wasn’t bad enough, they’re confiscating about 50 sq ft of my property, and my neighbors, to put in a new utility box. oh, i’m so excited about the fact that they get to use imminent domain to just take my land. and here’s the best part, i’m totally powerless. I don’t get compensated for the land they’re just taking, no rent, no free phone service, and my city is still making me pay property taxes on it.

    i hate AT&T, and it’s going to be hard enough to sell my house as it is, it’s in the great depression state of Michigan. but now, with a huge humming box sitting right there, thanks a lot. think i’ll just strip my house and turn the keys into the bank!

  20. I’ve had residential internet service since it was first available, moving to ISDN, then to DSL. Since the SBC/AT&T merger/takeover I’ve experienced more failures and downtime in my DSL service than during the entire period from 1993 to then!

    It stalls, fails, comes back, and several times I was unable to get email. I’d call and eventually talk to someone who ran me through a dozen “diagnostic steps” ending with assigning new passwords to everything. I put the addresses and passwords in a text file and used that to configure Outlook. They insisted I use an SSL-secured email server that frequently can’t quite figure out my sign-on, asking for confirmation of the password, over and over and over… Finally it works. (did the password change? NO! Their flaky system just accidentally worked!) Many people I know have gone back to using the non-SSL mail server URL — there’s progress!

    They don’t want people using mail “clients”, even though SBC didn’t seem to have a problem with them. Ok, so yesterday I tried their web email site. Sure enough they’ve lost all my passwords again. The site says to try and log in, then come back in five minutes and try again. Huh? What is this, a switchboard? What happens in that five minutes? (doesn’t matter, because it didn’t work anyway — they just hope that most people will forget to come back)

    Since the “merger” my DSL (but not phone service) has failed seven times, and it was down for two days again last week. Phone worked, modem linked to DSL, couldn’t ping DNS or their gateway, so naturally it was MY ROUTER? Of course I’d already diagnosed the problem for a couple of hours, swapping the modem, directly attaching a PC to it, etc. After an hour, 2nd level support put me on hold for a couple of minutes and suddenly I could ping everything again. Of course, they were happy they were able to help me with “my problem”. (what changed at MY end!??) I put my original modem back in — it’s working fine; never touched my router.

    The Telcos were paid by the taxpayers to upgrade the infrastructure to fiber. Verizon has done some of it, but I’m still on copper. According to internet speed test sites, AT&T is at the low end of the speed scale, and high end of the cost scale. Now we can add that they’re at the bottom of the quality scale.

  21. More bars in more places, ha I dont care if I get service in Canada. I just want to not have any dropped calls right in the middle of my rather large city! Horriable service, at least 2 dropped calls per day! And here is the kicker, I had amassed about 2000 of these “Rollover Minutes”. So I am like hey I can finally lower my plan to take advantage of some of these minutes. When to my dismay I am told that if I lower my plan (The only way i could ever use 2000 extra minutes) that my rollover minutes would drop to the amount on my plan. Over half of my awesome rollover minutes disappeared. What a load of crap. I wish eveyone signing a contract with these scammers read this blog first. Man am I stupid for not researching it further and falling for the iphone propoganda.

  22. AT&T sucks. I used to have land line and dsl. I moved to another apartment and wanted the same service. However, due to complicated issues, my phone line wouldn’t work so I can’t get a land line in this apartment. I called AT&T to cancel first my land line and then my dsl. AT&T managed to create a new account for the dsl only. I’ve received a refund check then the month after that I was billed for the DSL. I called to inquire about the DSL. Two months later, I received another bill for the DSL. I called AT&T and was able to get “credit” to zero out the account. A month later, I received another bill. Low and behold I called AT&T again. Now I’m told I was charged a late fee plus shipping and handling for the return of dsl modem. Excuse me? I was told I can keep the DSL modem and the late fee wouldn’t have been there in the first place if they had canceled the DSL in a timely manner. Told the rep, I work at a call center and I’m trying to be patient but the situation is out right ridiculous. The rep advised me that as a rep at a call center I need to realize that there are billing cycle and I’m responsbile for a billing cycle in which I used NO INTERNET bandwidth since I stored the modem away and assumed everything would be taken care of. I told the AT&T rep, as a call center rep I also know when my customers pay their bills. Since she couldn’t even tell me when the last time I paid my bill, she needs to transfer me to a manager since she can’t seem to handle the call. I demanded her name and told her that the fact she doesn’t have an extension is an outright lie. Then she tried to transfer me, after putting me on hold for what seems to be forever. I called back and got another rep who supposedly waived all the charges. We’ll see if this actually work this time. If not I’m calling the phone numbers on the back of the invoice for my state representatives. Regardless how long it takes for them to send out a technician to disconnect the service, I don’t owe them a single penny in my eyes.

  23. AT&T is one of the most screwed companies in the nation. You can’t even complain to them about their poor service. My call to the “phone company” was cut off three times before I could get an answer about my account. Just for giggles I stayed on the line with them for three hours. I got no resolution and about a dozen, “I’m Sorry” ‘s . I pay for Nationwide service. I cannot use my phone in any of the places in Michigan that we travel. Last time I checked we were “In the Nation”. Their on-line service was rude and cocky with me about the poor service. I guess if a tree or building gets in between you and your party, forget it. I had Cingular phone service before them and I could call anywhere. AT&T SUCKS BIG TIME and I will tell everyone I know NOT to use their service. I cannot get fast AT&T internet and I am living in METRO DETROIT, NOT CHINA. Yet I have to listen to their multibillion dollar ads for their great service. Try calling them some time just for laughs. They are idiots.

  24. I am the phone 45mins know to make a change on my account which is there fault… AT&T SUCKS BIG TIME!!! I’ve just decided to make no changes but to shut the whole account down when the next the f@*%ing “service representative” gets on the line

  25. Run for your life! AT&T’s Customer Service has been taken-over by Zombies! I was an AT&T customer for 30+ years but not anymore. I am convinced that AT&T is SCAMMING their clients for millions of dollars, just by forcing them to use ‘Operator Assisted’ calls caused by their own faulty phone service lines.

    When I recently called AT&T customer service about a like incident all of the reps that I spoke to, eerily in an almost spooky-way, responded in the same scripted, accented, mono-tone, word-for-word dialogue about some quirky rule that they “can not reimburse for an Operator Assisted call” and that it was basically my own fault for being forced to use an operator.

    I tried, in vain to explain to their customer service folks what happened, as it was so obvious from looking at the phone bill, the terms of events leading up to the forced ‘Operator Assistance’. Looking back, it would have been easier not to have called and just spoken to a brick wall. Never mind that a number I was able to dial prior, using the same exact phone just minutes before was no longer considered valid according to AT&T’s system. I can even, remember at the time thinking how nice it was for AT&T to send an operator to assist with connecting my call. Wow! I was thinking such great customer service, until I got slapped with a huge AT&T bill!

    AT&T charged me $50+ for a call that lasted less than 10 minutes because it was an ‘Operator Assisted’ call. This call would have normally been less than $1 according to my calling plan. I was basically being forced into a situation to pay an exorbitant amount for using an operator, because of AT&T’s own faulty service lines. How odd that a valid number all of a sudden became invalid and that I could not make a connection without their own operator to assist! This smacks of extortion.

    At one point, when I called AT&T’s customer service, and asked to speak to a manager, I got a ‘fake-supervisor du jour’, who read off the same scripted response as the initial, non-supervisory representative, when I then asked him for his manager, I was told that he has “an OFF-line Manager” and that “I could not escalate this issue any further” and was than giving a PO Box to write my complaint to.

    I believe that AT&T is scamming people for millions using forced ‘Operator Assisted’ calls and in general, a shut-out client service tactic, with little recourse for the consumer.

  26. Just found your blod, Mike. Thanks for the vent opportunity. Just got off the phone with two AT&T customer “service” employees regarding their lovely $175 early termination fee. Turns out there’s a fee for the second line I added – even though the first line contract had ended. And I was told when I added the line, it wouldn’t affect my contract like that. Great. Poor customer service from top to bottom.

  27. 11-11-2009

    At&t Easy Pay not billing me so I get a disconnect notice

    I have been setup in At&T’s Easy Pay for 2 months now. This allows At&t to auto debit my checking account monthly. Well I just got a disconnect notice saying I didn’t pay my bill on November the 4th. I just spent 30 minutes of my life talking to 3 different rude people about the late fees on my account. They tried helplessly to blame me somehow, they claimed my card expired, it did not, they claimed I was not enrolled in Easy Pay long enough, my statement online shows they billed me the month before without any issues, they claimed I needed to pay them immediately to restore services, I was calling them on my phone and using my DSL at the time.

    After 3 people and 30 minutes I finally asked why I was transferred to the collections Department for a mistake At&t made? The answer “I don’t know sir”, I was assured the issue was handled, thanked her (for what I don’t know) and quickly hung up.

    How do you miss a payment on Easy Pay with plenty of money in your checking account? Easy just by doing business with At&t.

  28. Last month, I was charged by Sprint PCS for making about 4 hours long distance calls from my land-line to the cell phones of three, guess what, AT&T service technicians!

    Sprint maintains that it’s AT&T that routed them the numbers so it must be AT&T to tell them it’s an error for them to take it out.

    The AT&T technicians were honest enough to acknowledge that the calls never took place. They also said that they worked in my area during that time. They gave me their manager’s phone number. I called the manager – an AT&T construction manager. He was curious and wanted to take a look at the Sprint bill so I came home during lunch time to meet with him. He recognized his men’s cell phone numbers. Later on that day he called me back to say that my land-line number did not even show up on his men’s cell phone statements. He did not know why his men’s cell phone numbers came into my bill. He asked for a copy of the Sprint bill and I emailed it to him. He promised to take care of it. But nothing happened.

    Today, after many phone calls back and forth between Sprint and AT&T, and several complaints filed with BBB and lots of agencies, I called Sprint again. I told the Sprint operator to call the AT&T manager guy I mentioned above. She put me on hold and talked to him for a while and then came back and said that he suggested I make a request for AT&T to come to my house and test the phone line!

    Next week, I’ll have to take half a day off waiting for an AT&T technician to come. Oh and btw, when I was setting up this appointment with the AT&T operator, he said that I needed not worry about the service/repair fee because I have insurance for it.

    AT&T does suck. I know that for a fact!

  29. */-Am not gonna go into why I HATE AT&T but am not surprized by anything I’ve read so far. A huge scam is what they are. Would be interested in a class action if anyone knows of one

  30. I agree….ATT SUCKS………….going to ATT Fiber………… the other way…………….my journey started December 29 to be completed by Feb 6………….it’s May 1……………my service is so screwed up …no call forward working………no roll over hunt working…………………and no flipping customer service from ATT….they just pass you around………give you phone numbers that don’t work………..and promise you a fix but it never happens…………………..ATT SUCKS I’ve sent HOURS… DAYs on the phone with the……..yesterday (Sat) I spent 6 hours getting nowhere with 26 people……………….I’m glad all these “exceptional service” people have jobs that require giving the paying customer “the business” ATT need more competition they have gotten TOO BIG for their britches and need to fired by the consumer!!!!!

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