Air Force Tanker Contract

Man oh man am I sick of reading articles and hearing stories about how people are angry at the government for choosing EADS/Northrop Grumman over Boeing for the Air Force tanker contract. (link)

The part that most people have left out, unfortunately, is that Boeing had already practically won this contract back in 2004, but their corruption caused them to lose it. This CBS article from 2005 calls it “the biggest Pentagon scandal in 20 years.”

Am I the only one who has absolutely NO problem with Boeing being punished for their corrupt actions in attempting to gain the contract by ultimately being denied the contract? I don’t care if we theoretically ended up buying them from China and they’re built using child labor (we didn’t, and they’re not). Boeing should be punished heavily for their actions, and rewarding them the contract is far from punishment.

Yes, I’m fully aware that Boeing’s CEO had to resign over the scandal, and that both Boeing employees and Air Force employees ended up behind bars as a result, at least according to articles I’ve read. And no, I don’t consider that punishment enough.

A clear message should be sent– if you try to scam the US taxpayers, you must be willing to do so at the expense of future business with the US taxpayers.

It only makes sense.

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